Saturday, November 8, 2014

Tokyo Part 4: Shinjuku and Shibuya

After Shin-Okubo I went to Shinjuku, which is just one stop away on the Yamanote Line.

First, I headed to Marui Annex, which has many lolita stores.

On my way there I saw a cute ad with some special Little Miss character. So cute!

At Marui Annex I visited a few lolita stores including Baby the Stars Shine Bright, even though I had already been to two other locations. I just couldn't stay away from that store!

I didn't see much there that I hadn't seen at the other locations, but the girl working there was suuuuper nice. I saw some fabric scraps laying on a counter and asked what they were. She told me that they were fabric samples for a new dress. She showed me all of the different colors and sketches of what the dresses will look like. Such a cute print!

I looked on their website and found pictures of them.
The print comes in five colors: red, green, pink, black, and white. She asked me what my favorite color was and I said red because it looked perfect for Christmas.
Ahhhh! Such a cute dress!

Then I wandered around a while looking for Rolianne Pink Made, a super cute jewelry store. However, when I looked at a store listing, I saw that the name had been covered up. It's not there anymore! So sad! That had actually been my main reason for going to Marui Annex because I had seen the lolita stores at other locations.

I just looked at their website and it seems like that one closed on October 31st (I had just missed it by a couple days!) and the only phyical store they have now is the kiosk in Venus Fort. At least I will be able to go there this Christmas vacation.

But at least as I was wondering around I found a Rayearth gachapon machine. I was so surprised! Besides the manga, I haven't seen Rayearth merchandise here before.

I got Fuu, which is really cute, but I would have rather gotten Hikaru, Umi, or Mokona. I would have tried again but I didn't have any more 100 yen coins. :(

After leaving Marui Annex, I was ready for dessert. So I went to Laduree in the 2nd building of the Lumine department store.

At first I was confused because I had heard that they had ice cream, but I didn't see anything about ice cream at the main counter. Then I saw that there was a separate counter for ice cream.

You can customize what toppings you want, but to make things easier I just chose one of the set items. It was chocolate ice cream, caramel sauce, hazelnuts, and macaron pieces. It was really good! Their sweets are bit pricey (I still want to try a macaron from there though.) but the ice cream was more reasonable. I paid a little over 500 yen for this. I've paid about that much at self-serve frozen yogurt places in the US, so I didn't think it was bad.

After eating my tasty ice cream, I went to Shibuya. 

I saw an ad with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for some new 3DS decorative faceplates.

I looked at Nintendo's website and they have a lot of options. So much fun! Website: Nintendo Japan

I really wish 3DS didn't have region locking. I would so get one of these. :(

In Shibuya 109 I saw a lot of cute clothing especially cute coats. Light blue seemed to be a popular color for them, but all the ones I liked were expensive. I saw a suuuuuuper adorable lavender one at Liz Lisa, but it was almost 17,000 yen. :(

I could afford any of the clothes that I liked, but I did find tights I had been looking for!


Kitty tights! I had wanted these to go with my Halloween costume, but the mall in Hamamatsu was out of white. Oh well! At least I found them eventually. :)

I don't know why Mario was in Shibuya. 

1000% wedding??? I guess Hello Kitty makes it awesome enough to be 1000%!

In Shibuya Station I saw an ad for the Big Bang concerts in Tokyo Dome. Tickets went on sale yesterday and I went to Lawson right at 10:00 when they did. I'm glad I bought my ticket then because I checked Lawson's website this morning and both the 26th and 27th are already sold out! (The 25th tickets haven't gone on sale yet.) I'm not sure when they sold out, but it was definitely less than 24 hours. I had a bit of trouble buying my tickets yesterday because I kept getting a message saying that the system was congested. A lot of people were buying tickets right then I guess! Though it probably wasn't just Big Bang, because other concerts were probably going on sale then too, but I'm sure a lot were!

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