My Travel Checklist

In March of 2010 I wrote a post that listed the places I wanted to go. I have been to many of those places now! I will list all those things again here, but this time add check marks to the things I have accomplished.  I will add more to the list as I think of them. They're in no particular order.


  • Go to Tokyo
  • Buy a new camera from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara.
  • Visit Kamakura
  • Go to Tokyo Disneyland!
  • Go to Tokyo Disney Sea!
  • Go to Kyoto
  • Visit Kokedera (a moss garden in Kyoto)
  • See the pretty colored leaves in Kyoto in the fall
  • Feed the deer in Nara
  • Ride Cosmo Clock 21 (a big ferris wheel) in Yokohama
  • Eat ramen at the ramen museum
  • Go to Chinatown in Yokohama
  • Go to Hakone
  • Go to Osaka
  • Visit Yamanashi Prefecture's 5 lakes region
  • Climb Mt. Fuji
  • Attend the snow festival in Sapporo
  • Go to Okinawa
  • Go to Yakushima

  • Walk the trail at Fushimi Inari (I've been but didn't have enough time to walk the entire path.)
  •  Katsura Imperial Villa
  • Ryoanji Temple
  • Isuien Garden
  • Ginkakuji
  • Kokedera
  • Daitokuji
  • Mount Koya

  •  Eat at a maid cafe
  • Koishikawa Korakuen 
  • Stay in a capsule hotel 
  • Go to a cat cafe 
  • Go to Puroland
  • Go up in Sky Tree
  • Eat at Princess Heart
  • Take a Helicopter Tour
  • Namja Town
  • Go to Design Festa
  • Candy Show Time
  • Spank
  • Super Potato
  • See lotus in Ueno Park
  • Pancake Days
  • Streamer Coffee Company
  • Takaosan

  • Universal Studios
  • Osaka Aquarium
  • Umeda Sky Building

  • Visit Kenrokuen (considered one of Japan's top three gardens)
  • Go to Shirakawa-go
  • See the giant Gundam statue in Shizuoka
  • See a pretty garden in the snow (Kinkakuji would be especially awesome. Look at this picture!)
  • Feel an earthquake (not a super strong one though) 
  • Eat a cute parfait 
  • Visit Miyajima
  • Visit Nikko
  • See Lake Yugama
  • Visit Oze National Park
  • Visit the Japan Alps
  • Visit Hitsujiyama (lots of pink flowers!)
  • Tobu World Square
  • Eat at a cake buffet
  • Buy something at Liz Lisa
Also... my time in Japan will not truly be complete until I see this:

Unfortunately this video is several years old so I don't know if she ever goes out and dances anymore. Sad... :(