Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fall Trip Part 2: Attempting to go to Kiyomizudera

After Daitokuji we headed toward Kiyomizudera to see the night illuminations. It usually isn't open at night, but they have special night hours in the fall.

Hello Kitty toilet paper seems wrong. Also, it's chestnut scented. So weird.

There are many shops along the street leading up to Kiyomizudera. Most of them are typical souvenir shops, but some seem out of place, like the one with these masks, haha.

I didn't have any tea ice cream, but they had several flavors.

But we did get a jumbo chicken stick. It was surprisingly really really good. Mmmm. I want one right now.

Even though it was getting dark then (still before 5), I realized that Kiyomizudera was closing for a little while and then opening back up for the illuminations at 6:30.

The street became very very crowded and eventually everyone was stopped. We realized it was the line to get into Kiyomizudera.

We waited in line for a little while and then decided it wasn't worth it. I didn't want to stand in line for over an hour and then be rushed because we had to get our luggage at the station by 8:00.

On our way back down the street, I got a sugar-coated sembei (rice cracker). So yummy!

We picked up our luggage (No line! Yay!) and put it into a coin locker. Then we went to Yodobashi Camera. It's not as huge as the one in Akihabara, but it was still awesome. The gachapon area was AWESOME.

That wasn't even half of it! So crazy!

And I don't know what kind of face Jonathan is making...

I got a hamster toy, which I was happy with, though I wanted the sandwich one the most. I tried the Rayearth one again (I got Fuu in Tokyo) and got Lantis. That was the one I wanted the least. :( I would have tried again, but then I saw the most awesome machine of all.

Sailor Moon wands! It was a neat machine because the capsules were a lot bigger than usual.

I got two of them. Jonathan says they look cheap, but I'm really happy with them! So awesome!

I didn't buy any more gachapon toys then, but I took some pictures of other machines.

Animals in food are popular I guess, haha.

Movie theater seats?

I kind of wanted a unicycle keychain. Unicycling is pretty popular with elementary school girls. It's impressive.

These batteries are so cute! They're kind of pointless though. Oooh, I would have wanted to use these in my clear purple Game Boy Color back in high school, haha.

So cute! A kaiten-sushi set! It even has a little shinkansen!

They had a really good puzzle selection, though maybe not quite as good as in Akihabara, but it was close!

I got a puzzle of Alice with mermaids. They also had a 1000 piece one, but I thought that would be a bit harder than I want to do. Also, I got this puzzle for free with the points on my Yodobashi point card!

We were pretty hungry then and looked around at the restaurants on the top floor, but didn't see anything that stood out. Well, nothing that stood out that we wanted to eat. I don't want a whole crab on top of pasta.

The escalators outside of Yodobashi are tiny, haha!

Then we went to the restaurants down in the basement in front of Kyoto Station. We ended up eating ramen. We both got sets with fried rice and gyoza.

Yummy! I was very full and couldn't finish it all.

I took a picture of Kyoto Tower as we went back into the station. I think it's really ugly.

There was a nice Christmas tree in the station and the steps by it were lit up and animated. It's hard to see in the picture, but it was an image of a Christmas tree and animated falling snow. The lights changed to a few other patterns.

We went up to the roof which had a nice view of the city, though my picture isn't very good.

Then we headed towards our hotel which was about an hour away. We stayed in Osaka because we hadn't been able to find anything in Kyoto even though we booked the hotel over two months in advance.

Our first day in Kyoto had been a little frustrating at times because of the crowds, but we got to see some really beautiful fall colors at Daitokuji. And our trip to Kiyomizudera wasn't a complete waste because the jumbo chicken stick was that awesome. Plus the gachapon toys were so fun!


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