Friday, November 14, 2014

Futamata Castle Ruins

Last Saturday Jonathan and I biked to Tenryu. Before heading out on our adventure, we got lunch from 7-Eleven.

I had ham and egg salad sandwiches, Pringles, tea (that came with a cute Korilakkuma bottle topper!), and a Snickers bar. The Pringles were dill pickle flavored and we both liked them. They reminded me of when you get a sandwich, chips and a pickle somewhere and the pickle juice gets on the chips.

I didn't take any pictures until we got to Tenryu because we've biked that route several times now. In Tenryu I took a picture of the cute karaoke place!

We had planned on biking to the waterfall again. Jonathan looked up a map on his phone and found a shortcut. The road ended up going up a steep hill. It had a good, but exactly pretty, view of the town.

We passed by what looked like a park or something. The waterfall was still far away and there wasn't a lot of daylight left, so we decided to just go to the park.

There was a motion sensor at the beginning that made a recording come on. It talked about the history I think. I didn't really pay much attention to it. It was kind of creepy and amusing though.

It ended up being a castle ruins park. As you can see, there aren't too many ruins left, but it was a nice, peaceful area. 

We ate some snacks and then explored around a bit.

There are a lot of trees, but you can see the Tenryu River in a few places. 

This little shrine was a bit run down, but I thought it was cute. I like red!

I hate those brooms, haha. I had to use one in Toi when we cleaned the school grounds and it was so ineffective.  But they're traditional and nice for a photo.

There was a trail that led through bamboo. So pretty!

I was amused, and a little freaked out, by the sign about mamushi (a type of poisonous snake) near the children's play area.

The trail wasn't very long and ended at a not great area of the Tenryu River. 

Apparently when you litter, rainbows appear and flowers bloom, but the cans grow frightening large!

The park was nice because we had come across it randomly, but I don't think it's anything worth going out of your way to visit. But I'm glad we went there instead of the waterfall because it was something different.

The bike ride home was mostly boring and I started getting pretty tired.

So fluffy! I was really excited by the fluffiness and had to take a picture, haha.

We've passed by a supermarket with a giant ice cream cone on a couple of our bike rides, and I finally took a picture. Haha! :)

When we got back to Jonathan's apartment we were both soooo tired! I was sore all over. I ached everywhere and felt like I do when I'm getting a fever. But luckily I started feeling better after eating dinner. So I guess it's good that we didn't go all the way to the waterfall because I would have felt even worse!

I felt even better the next day and even ran 11 kilometers! That's the furthest I've ever run! Jonathan usually runs further and faster, but he ran with me just to get some exercise. Usually I just go along a two kilometer part of the trail back and forth because it's a bit creepy by myself further from the main part of the park, but we went further on the trail because Jonathan was with me. It was really nice to run somewhere different and I got to see a weasel! It was in front of me on the trail and stared at me for a bit before dashing into the brush. Soooo cute! I've never seen a weasel in real life. It was kind of like a ferret! Jonathan has seen them several times on that trail, but I almost never go on that part. I was so excited! :)


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