Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tokyo Part 2: Cat Cafe Nekorobi

After Harajuku I headed back to Ikebukuro to visit a cat cafe called Nekorobi. I didn't have any trouble finding it and was soon in kitty wonderland!

Before entering, I took off my shoes. When I first walked in they handed me a tag with my start time and gave me a list of rules to read over. Then I put my belongings in a locker and washed my hands.

In the cafe there was a vending machine that was free to use. I got iced cocoa. I was going to get some hot chocolate later, but I was distracted by the cats.

Most of the cats let me pet them, but they never came up to me wanting to be petted, like some of the cats at Asakusa Nekoen, the other cat cafe I've visited. But some of them were soooooo soft.

This kitten was very hyper and a lot of fun! It was running around playfully almost the whole time. This was a rare quiet moment. It tried playing with the other cats and seemed to be annoying them, haha.

That macaron was pretty popular with the cats.

Oh my gosh. That face.

So hilarious!

Someone rubbed this cat's belly and then it just laid there like this for a minute or two. So cute!

Sugar, a Maine Coon, was sooooo super soft. So much fluff!

At 8:00 they started putting the cats in their cages and I was afraid that they were closing, but it was just because it was two cats' birthdays. They left the two birthday cats out and held them while singing Happy Birthday to them. So cute and random!

Happy 7th birthday Kinako and Mochi! 

Then they sat them down and gave them special food. I guess that's why they had put the other cats in cages. Kinako enjoyed the food, but Mochi wasn't interested.

Those two cats were jealously watching and meowed because they wanted the food, too.

Eventually they let the other cats out to join in the feast.

A couple of the cats had been in their cages all night. One of them was a munchkin cat which I had really been looking forward to seeing. It had been sleeping the whole time but it woke up soon before I left. I was happy to get a cute picture!

Before I knew it my hour was up. I could have stayed longer, but I didn't want to spend more money. The charge was 1,300 yen (it's 1,100 on weekdays) per hour.

When I checked out, they gave me a picture of Kinako and Mochi. Soooo cute!

I had a really good time at Nekorobi. The cats weren't as friendly as Asakusa Nekoen, but they were really pretty and let me pet them quite a bit. Plus, some of them were a bit playful at times, especially that kitten! Also, luckily my allergies never bothered me which is kind of amazing!

I recommend Nekorobi. Here is their English website: Cat Cafe Nekorobi

I didn't go in that Sanrio store (I've been in there many times before though) but I thought it looked cute lit up at night.

Many places in Japan are already decorated for Christmas.

I got dinner at McDonald's and ate it in my hotel room while sort of watching some horrible movie on The Disney Channel.

I had bought some candy at a candy store in Ikebukuro. I tried those panda cookies a few days ago and they are sooooo good.

I ate the chocolate egg that night. It wasn't very good. But I had never had a chocolate egg with a toy inside so that was exciting.

The toy wasn't one that I wanted though. Oh well. It was a fun experience!

Then I flipped through the channels and found this cute show with cats. It was kind of like Too Cute. So adorable! So much kitty cuteness in one day!


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