Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Final Tokyo Trip Part 5: Odaiba - Miraikan, Arcades, Onsen, and a Fluffy Sheep

After enjoying a nice morning at Hama Rikyu, we took the monorail to Odaiba. We ate lunch at Khazana, an Indian restaurant with a super yummy buffet, in Decks and then played Lord of the Rings pinball in the arcade.

There are so many old posters on the wall there. I seem to find something "new" and hilarious every time I go.

That poster is just soooooooo bad!

They had some origami that they were giving away for free (probably made by bored workers). I would have taken one, but it would have gotten smashed in my luggage.

We also got lucky boxes again. We always get horrible stuff, but it's still fun.

My prize was hideous, but the bath tablets smelled good. I was maxed out on luggage though so I didn't take them home.

Jonathan's prize was no better. It was some alien figurine that made noise.

Next we went to Miraikan, a museum that Jonathan wanted to visit.

I wasn't in the mood to be at a museum (am I ever?) but I thought it might be kind of neat.

There was some thing that took a picture of my face and it was going to mix everyone's faces together. I think it was supposed to show the composite so far at the beginning but I didn't see it. I wasn't really sure what was going on.

We waited for about fifteen minutes to see Asimo, the robot that the museum is famous for. For some reason Asimo only comes out a few times a day. 

Asimo wasn't that impressive. He jumped on one foot. Slightly. I've seen toys do more impressive things. Like those dogs that do back flips.

There were also some androids which were creepy and kind of neat, but they didn't do much.

The walkway that spirals up to the top floor is kind of neat, but a bit scary. I'm not usually bothered by heights, but I thought that was freaky.

We looked at some more exhibits and usually couldn't figure out the point of them. The museum had really good reviews online but we didn't get it. Overall it was boring, confusing, and not as big as we expected.

So we didn't spend too long at Miraikan. Next we went to Venus Fort and Toyota Mega Web.


In the arcade we played basketball for the last time. These machines had a longer time limit than others we have played, so were able to make it through more rounds. 

Jonathan beat the fifth, and final, round. Yay!

When we passed back through Mega Web I played some sort of speed reaction game. It had something to do with having to react quickly when driving.

Then we walked around outside for a while. I love how Odaiba has so many pretty lights.

There was a tunnel with a cute sakura scene projected onto it. 

It was interactive and would do different things when you hit stuff. 

Falling sakura petals burst into bright lights when hit. 

The sheep got fluffier and fluffier as I hit it. 

So kawaii! :)

Then we had a snack at a Starbucks with an awesome view. We both got hot chocolate and shared a piece of sakura chiffon cake which was really good.

That's my favorite Starbucks now. I wish we had discovered it earlier, but at least we got to go once.

We watched a bit of the light show on the Fuji TV building. Like I said before, I love all of the lights in Odaiba!

Then we made our way towards Oedo Onsen Monogatari. We passed by Miraikan which was closed then. 

There were several cats there. They were sooooo cute! Unfortunately they didn't let us pet them.

I didn't like Miraikan but it was a neat area to be in at night. It was so quiet and kind of creepy in a good way.

And there were KITTIES! :)

We came across a cool waterfall that you can walk behind. 

After exploring random stuff we made it to the onsen.

The onsen was relaxing as always. Though I started feeling sick towards the end because I hadn't had dinner yet. We had a big, late lunch and a snack so I hadn't been that hungry but then it hit me suddenly. But at least I only started feeling bad when it was about time for me to meet back up with Jonathan anyway.

Jonathan and I got some chocolate milk from a vending machine which made me feel better.

We sat at a table for a little while and thought about getting some food. I found a stand that had japchae and I wanted that, but they were closed. So we didn't get anything.


We went to the outdoor foot onsen for a little while. Not many people were walking around in the path though. Most were just sitting so we didn't get to walk the whole path, but it was still nice. And there was some sakura!

After leaving we went to the konbini so that I could get a snack. I think I got cheese Ritz Bits. I'm not sure why I picked that now since I was about to leave Japan and should have gotten something I could only get there. I was just really really hungry and needed something! I'm pretty sure then I got more konbini food when we got back to the hotel. I think I got a strawberry sandwich. :) I'm surprised I don't have a picture of my last konbini meal in Japan.

The monorail ride was fun because we got to sit in the front (or maybe the back?) but I was also sad to leave Odaiba. Sayonara!


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures the last couple of years. Although I go to Japan about once a year, it's only for a couple of weeks and I always miss it once I'm home. Reading your blog has been very interesting and I wish you all the best in the future. Also, congrats on the engagement!

    1. Thank you! I hope I get the chance to visit again in the future. I miss it!

  2. I'm sorry you didn't like the museum! I saw ASIMO in Disneyland ages ago and recall it was mildly interesting...but they had a whole theater set up so he could perform whatever tricks he did better, I think.

  3. Yeah, I'm not much a museum person, but I still sometimes end up enjoying them or finding a few things I like. So I was surprised that I liked hardly anything.

  4. Your photos had me reminisced the wonderful few days I spent in Tokyo and Odaiba 10 years ago. Then I return to learn Japanese langauage for 5 years! Nice photos taken by the way. I had used the "Decks" mall photo as my workplace wallpaper as I was attracted to all the lights! Time to plan another trip next time. =)

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