Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tokyo Part 7: Sunshine and Fall Colors in Harajuku

After a wonderful morning at Rikugien, I went to Ikebukuro to buy the red skirt at SI2C in Sunshine City.

Suuuch a cute skirt! Right now I really like red clothes. It was a little under 3,000 yen which is a reasonable price for a skirt in Japan.

That's Okashi Machioka, the store where I bought the chocolate egg and panda cookies. I really like that candy store because it has good prices and often has older flavors of things that I can no longer find in konbini and supermarkets.

Then I went to Closet Child because I wanted to look at some of the cute lolita clothes I had liked before, but all the items I had been interested were already gone. They had several "new" things though, but I didn't get anything.

Next I went to Harajuku (yes, again!) to go to Kiddyland. I had been there on Saturday evening, but I hadn't spent much time there.

I didn't really do any shopping in Harajuku, though I did go in Closet Child there again. They also had some "new" stuff including a cute pink Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress with an Alice print for only 2,800 yen! But I already have pink and I didn't care for the top part of the dress that well.

The Liz Lisa Christmas tree is so pretty! And there's that lavender coat hanging on the right.... sooo cute!

One of Kiddy Land's entrances had Funasshi. Ugh, Funasshi is so annoying.

I was amused by that Tamagotchi ad.

While I had been in Ikebukuro the sky had become overcast again, but when I left Kiddyland it was sunny again! 

The street was so beautiful with the sunlight and leaves beginning to change colors.

It was about 3:00 then and I wasn't planning on leaving Tokyo until about 4:50. I was done shopping and the weather was so nice, so I randomly decided to visit Meiji shrine. The next post will be about that.


  1. Hi I saw your post in last year that you bought a mamegoma in kiddyland.
    And recently in this post you also went there.
    My question is , do they still sell the mamgoma plushie there ?
    I'm trying to look for certain mamegoma plushie too, in online store it said that it's sold out http://shop.san-x.co.jp/product/detail/MMG0237 ..

    Thanks for your posts !
    Since am going to Tokyo on early Dec, it's helping me to put some places in my itinerary :D

  2. They have some Mamegoma plushies, but only small ones. They had some that were about the same size as I got last year (maybe 5 inches?) and some even smaller. I've never seen the one in that link. Too bad because it's sooooo cute! But definitely still go to Kiddyland even though they just have a very small section of Mamegoma stuff (in the Rilakkuma area). I don't know of any other stores that sell much Mamegoma though.

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