Friday, August 3, 2012

My Scrapbook

When I got back from Japan, I started making a scrapbook of my time in Japan. I decided to organize my photos by location or theme instead of chronologically. It took a long time to complete (I finally finished it in January or February of this year). I couldn’t fit it all in one book so there are two volumes. Here are some pictures of a few of the pages.

I put many of the awesomely cute stickers I bought in Japan to good use!

I marked the cities I visited on the map and also made those prefectures slightly darker. Hopefully I’ll be able to add many more dots to that map when I go back! :)

I highlighted the areas of Tokyo I visited.

I miss Japanese karoke and arcades so much!!!

This was one of the first scrapbook pages I planned on making. I even saved the wrappers of the Kit Kats I bought my first week in Japan.

Arashi was everywhere so they deserved their own page, lol.
These scrapbooks took a while to make, but they were worth it. It’s nice to have tons of pics on my computer and have my blog, but I like having something physical to flip through.


  1. Fab scrapbook! I've been working on my Japan honeymoon scrapbook for 5 years now :-( You've inspired me to get it finished!

  2. How amazing! I only wish I'd taken more pictures/souvenirs of my time in Japan. (Or that I could live there!)

  3. Okay, I just finished reading the entire blog. And THAT WAS AWESOME! ^o^ It's got me all excited, because I'm applying to Interac at the moment and hoping to go in August 2013. 私は日本に行きたい! とてもきれいな国ですね? ^_^