Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Merry Christmas... about a month late... :P

 I was going to do this post before Christmas but then I got sick and then I got busy. So now, here are some pics of random Christmas things. It's better late than never.

That is my Christmas tree in my apartment. I bought a set of ornaments in pink and silver. It was a very girly tree!



The twinkling star lights (several different flashing patterns) were my favorite part.



 I also decorated my bookshelf. I wore that Santa hat during Christmas lessons at the kindergarten and elementary school.


I was surprised to see Christmas lights on a few of the houses in Toi.

 The floral clock in the park also had lights. There were a couple reindeer and a Christmas tree off to the side, but the lights around the clock are for New Year's. Each one of them is a different zodiac animal. This new year is the year of the rabbit! So cute! :)

7-11 celebrated Christmas too. They had AKB48 banners outside of the store and sold Christmas merchandise featuring members of the group. AKB48 is a girl singing group that has 48 members.

Some products had special packaging for Christmas.

 This is the big box of candy I received from my parents. Mmmm! :)

I hate it when people put up pictures that aren't rotated, but I can't figure out how to fix this. It's not like this until I upload it. Ugh. Anyways... this is the Christmas card I got from work. It's Himeji Castle with a bunch of tiny little Santas all around it. There are even two sleighs flying around. I saw a lot of cards in the stores like this. It's very amusing.

Hopefully this weekend I will be able to get my blog up to date. There is a lot more to come!


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