Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Break 12: Dogashima

Tuesday, January 4th

Dogashima is a coastal area about an hour south of Toi by bus. It was a nice day and we wanted to do something outdoors. Dogashima was a good choice.

This was my third time to Dogashima. The first time there was good weather, but the boat wasn't running. The second time the boat was running but the weather was gross. This time it was perfect!

The water was REALLY that color!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from the boat tour:

The cave is the best part. :) Here's a video:

Isn't the water beautiful!?!?!?

After the boat ride, I got some mango ice cream. :)

We thought this sign was funny because it makes such a big deal about the emperor taking a rest.
Ugh, I just realized you can see my reflection to the side of the sign.

Next we took the bus back up north and stopped at a place called Koibitomisaki, which means Lovers' Point. It is known for it's "love bell" and view of Mt. Fuji. Yeah, it's cheesy, but we wanted to see the nice view.

There were some daffodils along the path to the lookout point. I was surprised to see daffodils in January. Now I see them all over the place in Toi!

There was another bell before we reached the main bell.

We arrived at the lookout point quite a bit before sunset, but we decided to stay for the sunset anyways.

Despite the cheesiness, we rang the bell.

We could see Mt. Fuji, but it was partially covered by clouds. It was still pretty though!

Many people had carved their names into the railings there. Some people had even left charms behind.

Finally, it was sunset! I was glad we had stayed for sunset. Though sunsets in Japan (at least here in Izu) aren't usually very impressive. I've only seen a couple really nice ones. This was one of the better ones, though not the best. Pretty though! :)

I liked how Mt. Fuji was pink. :)

To get back to Toi, we had to wait for the bus for quite a while. We almost took the bus in the wrong direction, but luckily we realized that we were on the wrong side of the street before the bus came.

I was glad to go out and do something, but I hadn't been super excited about Dogashima because I had already been there. But it ended up being a really great day! :)

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