Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas Break 5: More Kyoto

Sunday, December 26th

The next day we went to Ginkakuji. It's not a huge place, but I was very impressed! It's beautiful everywhere you look!

I especially liked the patterns in the sand!

The road leading up to Ginkakuji is lined with shops. I bought some really cute Hello Kitty stamps!

We also stopped to get some ice cream. I got blueberry. Yum! :)

Next was Nanzenji. I wasn't too interested in seeing the temple itself, but I wanted to go because it has an interesting aqueduct.

This place was very different compared to all the other touristy places in Kyoto. The aqueduct just doesn't look very Japanese. It was great for photos! :)

You can walk along the top of part of it.

Then we took a bus back to Kyoto station so that we could take a train to Byodoin. While on the bus I noticed something funny about the map we had been using. Read the text in the bottom right corner.

Ooops... I wasn't supposed to use this map! Haha.

We took the train to Uji city which is outside of Kyoto. We stopped at a Circle K on our way to Byodoin. I took a picture of a cute sign inside of Circle K.


Byodoin is known as the Phoenix Hall.

It has a very nice silhouette at sunset!

It's featured on the 10 yen coin.

On the way back to the station we stopped in a store that had a lot of cute stuff like jewelry and hair clips. I bought a really cute cell phone charm. It's a green tea crepe.

That evening we went back to the arcade. This time I had the chance to play DDR! :) It was my first time playing in Japan so it was awesome!


  1. aw! We went to Ginkakuji on out first organised tour and they wouldn't let us go round the garden. Really annoyed now I see how pretty it is!

    Thanks for posting all these photos - so cool seeing all the places you go :)

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