Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas Break 13: Toi Gold Mine

Wednesday, January 5th

After living in Toi for over nine months, I finally made it to Toi Kinzan (Toi Gold Mine). It's probably the most famous place in Toi. It was the 2nd most prosperous gold mine in Japan. It's not operating any more, but you can go in a small part of the mine (about 400 meters of the total 100 kilometers of tunnels) and visit a museum.

That guy welcomed us to Toi Kinzan.

There's the tunnel.

There was a shrine inside the mine.

There were many animated figures that talked inside the mine. They showed how the mine operated.

After walking through the mine, we went to the museum. It's a small museum, but it's neat because it has the largest gold bar in the world!

It's cool that you can touch the gold! I read on Wikipedia that in 1999 it was worth about 7 million dollars!

They also have a normal-sized gold bar which you can try to pick up.

He succeeded!

I failed. :( Gold is heavy!

After Toi Kinzan, we went to the park and walked on the rock path around the floral clock. You take off your shoes and walk on the various textures. Most of them are pretty painful! It's supposed to be good for you though... :P

Those weren't so bad...

Itai! Ouch! 

After completing the path of pain (it was my first time to do the whole thing) we crossed the street and went to the foot onsen. It's a natural hot spring to put your feet in. It felt really good after walking on all those rocks!

It was nice to finally do some touristy things around Toi. I couldn't leave Toi without visiting Toi Kinzan!


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