Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas Break 16: The End of Christmas Break

Monday, January 10th

Jonathan's plane left on Monday afternoon, so he headed towards the airport late that morning. Before he left, we went to a bakery one last time. We ate at Anderson in Tokyo Station. I had some sort of cheese sesame bread, corn and cheese bread, and a chocolate muffin with a marshmallow on top. Delicious. :)

After eating we went to Nippori Station where he took Keisei Skyliner to Narita Airport. I wanted to go to the airport with him, but the train ticket is a bit pricey, especially to go round-trip.

After saying goodbye at the station I headed to Shibuya to do some shopping. When I arrived I was surprised to see that one of the streets was closed. There was some sort of street-performer festival going on.

I had left my camera with my luggage in a locker, so I had to use my camera phone. The picture above isn't very clear, but he's juggling.

The guys on stilts were neat. They looked so odd walking down the street!

That day was Seijin no Hi, which is Coming of Age Day. It was really cool because I got to see many girls in kimonos. Some of them were soooo pretty!

I spent quite a bit of time in Tsutaya (a music, movie, and book store) by the Hachiko crossing. I bought a really cute magazine.

It's the Japanese version of Seventeen. This particular issue is about Coming of Age Day fashion! I would love to wear pretty much everything in here!

I really like this page about good and bad picture poses. Most of the poses involve peace signs... very Japanese!

They have some really crazy nail designs in Japan!

I want to wear them all!!!!!!!!!


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