Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 8: Izu

Izu isn't as interesting as Tokyo, but we still found some things to do.

One day we went to Mishima and saw a movie. It's called Karigurashi no Arrietty, which means "The Borrower Arrietty." It's a Studio Ghibli movie, which is a famous Japanese animation studio. It was all in Japanese without subtitles, but we were still able to understand the movie. It was really cute and had super pretty animation.

 Here's a trailer for the movie: 

One evening we took a walk along the coast. I posed with the random statue at the Travelers' Cape.

 The next afternoon we visited the Toi Gold Mine gift shop. The gold mine was already closed so we didn't visit that, but I still took my picture with this statue.

The Toi Summer Festival was going on while we were in Toi, so we went to that.


The fireworks were impressive for such a small town. Plus, they do the same fireworks four nights in a row!
It's nice that you have many days to see the fireworks, but I think they should combine the fireworks of all four nights into one. It would be awesome!

Some of the fireworks had parachutes on the end. These lingered in the air for a minute or so.

This is some random ship thing at the festival.


  1. Ah! I THOUGHHT that might've been a Studio Ghibli movie---the trailer looked cute; but now I want to see the movie myself! :D

    That doll is very cute well, and the plum ice cream actually looks yummeh.

    I know the feeling about videos games.... I really need a game on my cell phone, but I'm afraid that I'll miss going back to work from break or lunch because I'd be too involved in it. I do that with just my Sims games alone.

    Wow, you're butler is actually really good-looking. *_* I thought they'd be kind of I hate to actually admit that I DO want to go there now, lol!

    The socks rock! I LOVE them! Yoshi is also cute; but the puzzle is absolutely beautiful!

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