Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 7: Asakusa

On our last day in Tokyo we visited Asakusa. Before checking out of the hotel I took a few pictures of the room.

This is the street the hotel was on.

When we arrived in Asakusa I saw rickshaws.

There is a street lined with souvenir shops leading up to Senso-ji, Tokyo's oldest temple.

There was a random gingerbread house ride in the distance. I kind of want to ride it.

 Here you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree under construction in the distance.

On the way back down the shopping street, I bought some plum ice cream.

I also bought a kokeshi doll. It's so cute!

We ate at a Chinese restaurant for lunch. I was amused by the Chinese people sitting at the table next to us because they were pointing at stuff on the menu and laughing. I guess it wasn't very authentic.

After Asakusa we headed towards Toi. We took a subway back to Tokyo Station and then took a 2 hour train to Mishima. There was a festival thing going on outside Mishima Station. 

We then got on another train for a half hour to get to Shuzenji. There Lauren got her picture taken with the super impressive "Welcome to Izu" sign.

Then we took a bus for an hour to get to Toi. It's a long trip!

I was playing a video game on my DS (Okay, it's Pokemon... I'll admit it.) and wasn't paying attention and I missed the stop where we were supposed to get off.  Luckily I noticed pretty quickly and we got off at the stop near the grocery. The grocery store is about 15 minutes from my apartment so it wasn't too bad, but it was annoying to have to drag our luggage all that way. I think I need to ban myself from playing video games on the bus. This is the 2nd time it's gotten me into trouble. The first time was when I got on the wrong bus. If I had been paying attention I would have quickly realized I was on the wrong bus and not ended up way out in the middle of nowhere. Oh well!

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