Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer 3: Tokyo Tower and Akihabara

On the 12th we went to Tokyo Tower. 

But first, here is a picture of our hotel.

We went to breakfast at McDonalds. I had an Egg McMuffin... it tasted just like the ones in America... yay!

In Hamamatsucho Station we stopped to take a picture with Arashi. They are a really popular boy band here in Japan. And I really mean POPULAR. I see them on TV a lot. They even have their own game show called Vs. Arashi (yeah, I've watched it, lol). Their ads are everywhere in the cities. I've seen them advertise tons of things including Wii games, cell phones, beer, and more.

We got looked at for taking these pictures, but we didn't care.

After our photo shoot with Arashi, we headed for Tokyo Tower.

Along the way we stopped in a park.

The elevator up to the top of Tokyo Tower had a cool ceiling with lights that changed color.

View from Tokyo Tower!

Haha, here I am with Mokona. Mokona is a character in an anime called Rayearth. 
I'm not going to bother to explain, lol.

There was an awesome window in the floor!

Godzilla is coming! He's going to attack!

Tokyo Tower has really weird ugly mascots. Of course I still needed a picture with them though.

I bought overpriced bottled water because it was cute.

Next, we headed to Roppongi to find this cool karaoke place we had seen online. However, it wasn't open yet when we got there and we figured out that you had to buy dinner there too (which was expensive). So we didn't spend much time in Roppongi, but here's a picture.

So then we headed to Akihabara.

There has been a series of signs like this in the train stations. They're always really weird with zombie-looking people. I like this one because of the afro dude wearing geta (the Japanese shoes he's wearing).

I don't know... it's in Akihabara.

We wandered around an arcade for a while. I bought a Mario star keychain from a capsule machine. 
It lights up!

Each floor of the arcade was a bit different. 
One floor was full of old games, including Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

It was tooooo funny that they had it. I had to play!

Michael Jackson died!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't worry! He came back to life! He eventually made it to level 3!

But then he really did die. :( He didn't make it to level 4.
Oh, and the game actually was really fun. It had Michael Jackson music in the background along with his screams.

I thought this sign was really cute!

Lauren was really wanting some light saber chopsticks she had seen online. We really had no idea where to look for them though. We hadn't been in any stores that seemed like they would sell them. After wandering around Akihabara for a while we headed back towards the station. We stopped in one last store along the way. It had a lot of anime and character merchandise. As we were about to leave the store Lauren spotted the chopsticks!!!! It was very exciting. I hadn't planned on buying any but it was so exciting that she actually found them that I decided I wanted some too. So I bought a pair of Darth Vader light saber chopsticks. I later ate my yakisoba from 7-11 with them. :)

After eating konbini food in the hotel room we headed back out to do karaoke. Karaoke in Japan is a lot different than in the US. You rent a room and just hang out with your friends. You don't have to sing in front of random people. It's a lot of fun!

This is the hallway of the karaoke place.


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