Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 6: Yes, My Princess!

Lauren found a Butler Cafe online and we just had to visit it.

It's a cafe where you are treated like a princess. All the waiters... I mean butlers... are western. 

Here is how it is described on wikipedia:
"The cafe attempts to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a western fairy tale. The butlers treat the customers in a cordial manner by opening doors, taking coats and pulling out chairs, and tiaras are even presented with their meal. The butlers, down on bended knee, play games and, when desired, engage in English conversation as entertainment for the "princesses." A lift me up photo is even on the menu in which the customer can be lifted by the butler of her choice for a picture they later print out."

Yeah, it's as ridiculous as it sounds.


 Aren't the tiaras awesome? Hehehe! The plates under the plates with our food had our names, "Princess Lauren" and "Princess Jenna," written on them in chocolate. Do you see the bell on the table? It's very special. We rang it every time we wanted service and the butlers would all say in unison, "Yes, my princess!" It was hilarious and it was so hard to not completely burst out laughing.

All the other customers were Japanese women so I overheard some funny conversations that the butlers had with the other women. For example, one of the butlers asked one of the women what animals she liked. She said rabbits and so the butler then asked if she liked big or small rabbits best. I don't remember what her answer was, but the butler said, "Bunnies are cute." It reminded me of the strange conversations I have with my students, except it was even funnier in this situation.

For desert I bought the Princess Pancakes. They were pancakes with ice cream and chocolate and fruit sauces and a chocolate rose on top.

 We took advantage of the ridiculousness of the place and had our picture taken with one of the butlers.

A cheesy message was written on the back. He got Lauren and I confused. Lauren's says something like, "Good luck teaching in Japan" or something about teaching.

Hahahahaha.... overall it was a great experience. It is the most unique restaurant I have ever been to. It was ridiculous and cheesy, but that's what made it so fun and memorable!

After being treated like a princess, we headed to a store called Baby the Stars Shine Bright. It's a high-end lolita clothing store (wikipedia article).  We both bought knee socks. The girls working in the store took a long time packaging them and then led us to the door and bowed as we left the store. The even kept bowing as we walked away.

I took pictures as I unwrapped my purchase later. The bag was sealed with a sticker and a ribbon.

Inside the bag was a plastic bag. There was nothing in the bag, but they used it to cover the next layer.

The socks were neatly wrapped up in tissue paper. A postcard was also inside the bag.

There are the socks!

That night we went to Ginza. We didn't really do much shopping (a lot of the stores were already closed), but it was fun to walk around. It was my first time in Ginza at night. I loved all the bright lights. :)

There was a TV screen playing a tire commercial with Leonardo DiCaprio. It's always funny seeing American celebrities on Japanese TV, so Lauren wanted a picture with it. I was trying to get a picture of her with it. Some guy saw us and asked if we wanted our picture together.  Ummm, it was nice of him to offer, but he really didn't do a very good job.

 Next, we headed to Akihabara to visit Yodobashi Camera. I still have money left on my point card so I "bought" a yoshi stuffed animal and a cute Disney puzzle! It's a stained glass puzzle so the pieces are translucent. It's really unique.


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