Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer 5: Kamakura and Yokohama

One day we took a side trip to Kamakura and Yokohama. First, we went to Kamakura.

We visited Hachimangu Shrine.

There were so many pretty lotuses!

On the way to Kenchoji Temple we passed an "Amish" restaurant. I'm really curious about their food, lol.

Kenchoji Temple!

This man was thinning out the pine needles.

After leaving Kenchoji Temple we stopped and got ice cream in a store that sold purple sweet potato flavored stuff (even noodles!). The purple sweet potato ice cream was pretty good!

 manhole cover in Kamakura

street leading back to the station

We ate lunch at McDonald's. I love the Shake Shake chicken! It is just a breaded chicken patty in a bag. It comes with a packet of seasoning. You dump the seasoning into the bag and then shake it so that it flavors the chicken patty. There are 3 flavors available: cheese, lemon, and black pepper. The cheese is my favorite.

Then we headed to Yokohama. The first place on our list was Chinatown. Here's a picture of the station near Chinatown.

Chinatown was fun!

Haha, I love the ghost pandas painted on the side of the vending machine.

Here I am with a pork bun. Yum!

This sign was in the station. Isn't it cute???

Next we went to the Ramen Museum. Here's a picture outside of the station near there.

I don't know what this has to do with ramen, but it was there!

The ramen museum is made up of a bunch of restaurants serving different styles of ramen from the various regions of Japan. I don't remember which region's ramen we ate, but it was soy sauce ramen. :)

The last thing we did in Yokohama was ride the ferris wheel. It's called Cosmo Clock 21 and it's tied with a ferris wheel in Osaka as the 13th tallest ferris wheel in the world. It was the tallest when it was built. When it was first built it was 107.5 meters tall. Then the ferris wheel in Osaka was built and it was 112.5 meters. So they rebuilt the Cosmo Clock 21 onto a new base so that it was also 112.5 meters.

Here's a view of the surrounding amusement park. 

The ferris wheel was really neat! We had a really cool view of the city.
When I looked out the window in one direction I couldn't see any other cars or the ferris wheel so it just felt like we were in this bubble thing floating up into the air!

Here we are at the top!!!!


  1. I'm just going to merge all my comments in one. XD

    I really think that last painting/drawing in the museum you took was really pretty. Absolutely gorgeous! ^^ And that ground spiders was a little creepy, but definitely interesting, lol.

    What is mochi? And yay for crepes! I've never had one, but they sound delicious!

    Your lolita dress is way adorable! <3's!

    I HAVE say it---some of the guys in Arashi look pretty cute!

    Mokona! ^^ Did you buy that Mokona, or did you make it?

    Oooh, cute anime sign! It is a series, or just random characters?

    Oohh, Hello Kitty and sparkly stores! That really makes me wish I could go to Japan!

    Ghost pandas = kawaiiness!

    You both looked like you had a lot of fun. :D


    I love mochi! :)

    Haha, yeah the Ground Spiders were creepy. It was just so odd though that I had to take a picture.

    That is Lauren's Mokona. I gave it to her for Christmas a couple years ago. It's actually a purse!

    I'm not really sure about the anime actually. I should look it up!

    We did have a lot of fun! We did a ton of different things.

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