Monday, February 23, 2015

Sapporo Snow Festival Part 6: Nakajima Park at Night

After the Mt. Moiwa ropeway, we visited Nakajima Park again to see the candles lit up. I was excited to see that the Japanese garden area of the park was open because it had been closed during the day.

The candles were so pretty! The pictures don't really capture the atmosphere of the flickering candles in the snow.

I realized that the Japanese garden area had probably been closed during the day so kids wouldn't mess stuff up.

Then we headed towards the main area where the local sculptures were. There was a tent set up and a woman told us that we could decorate a cup and put a candle in it. Awesome!

The "Jenna & Jonathan" side was my idea. The KFC and "Horsies!" side was Jonathan's, lol.

We found a space for our candle on the bottom of the wall. 

I had a lot of fun looking around at the other candle holders. 

Jonathan found a hole that went all the way through the wall.


That had been used as a slide during the day. I fell going up it and still have a bruise on my knee, haha. Going up an icy snow slide the wrong way is not such a great idea but the icy stairs didn't look like much of a better option. :P

Awww! Such a cute sheep! :)

During my last trip to Sapporo I had wanted to visit Nakajima Koen at night but didn't get the chance and really regretted it. I'm really glad that I got to this time because it was my favorite part of the trip! :)

Next we went back to Sapporo TV Tower to visit the gift shop so Jonathan could buy some omiyage to take back to his school.

I saw that really super random picture in the stairway up to the gift shop.

I thought those Hello Kitty candies looked really cute, but I'm not a big fan of hard candy so I didn't get them. Instead I got some butter caramels and melon flavored Puccho.


The Puccho packaging is soooo cute! And snow festival themed! The candy is okay, but the flavor isn't super strong. I probably won't even finish them before I leave.

Then we went back to Susukino.


Aww, poor Jonathan was so cold. He was colder than me most the trip which is weird because I hate cold weather. I dressed more warmly though. 


On our way back to the hotel we went to a Lawson that looked fancier than usual and was bigger too. 

Near our hotel there were some flat stoplights. Jonathan called them "Apple stoplights." They do kind of look like iPods don't they?

Back at the hotel we watched some more Japanese TV and ate stuff from the konbini.

I had some pudding that came in Frozen themed packaging and Jonathan had panda cookies. But not just typical panda cookies...

They were panda cookies for men! I always think it's so weird when I see stuff here advertised as "men's" chocolate. Anyway, apparently these cookies are manly.

The next day we didn't have time to do anything in Sapporo because our flight left at 11 something. But we did have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast at the hotel. 

I loved everything they had that morning so I ate a lot! I always really enjoy breakfast at Toyoko Inn, but this was one of the best. It was a good end to a fun trip!

Overall I enjoyed my second trip to the snow festival more than the second. It was great to be able to be there with Jonathan this time. The festival was really cool and I enjoyed it a lot, but it was a bit less impressive the second time since I had seen big snow and ice sculptures before. I had thought that Jonathan would really like it but he actually didn't really like the festival. He didn't like the crowds (I didn't think they were bad) and didn't like that the festival was in one long path and felt like he was just going through a line. I didn't really get that feeling. But oh well! He still really enjoyed other stuff in Sapporo!


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