Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sapporo Snow Festival Part 4: Nakajima Park

After Odori Park we went to Nakajima Park which is not part of the snow festival, but there were still some sculptures there. On the signs I saw several made by sports teams and clubs at local schools.

On Wikipedia I found out that Nakajima Park was one of the official snow festival sites for a couple years in the early 90s. I'm kind of glad that it's not anymore because it's not crowded and is a great place to see snow in a pretty setting while in Sapporo.

We walked around the park a little bit and then decided to get lunch from a nearby 7-Eleven. I think I had some ham and egg sandwiches and some string cheese. We took our lunches back into the park. We had seen a gazebo that was clear of snow, but there was someone sitting in there when we got back. So we sat on the little fence in the picture below.

Jonathan dropped a chip on the ground and a bunch of crows came over. It was hilarious, entertaining, and terrifying. At the moment I was mostly just terrified, lol. Those birds have huge beaks.

One especially persistent crow followed us for a while. When it was by itself it was actually pretty cute. Jonathan fed it some bits of a cookie. It was really good at catching!

There was a cross country skiing course around part of the park. 

There was a random western-style house. I looked up some stuff about it and found out that it's called Hoheikan. It was built in the 1880's as a place for foreign dignitaries to stay.

Nakajima Park is such a pretty park. We went back again that night and it was my favorite part of the trip.

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