Saturday, March 28, 2015

February Randomness: Pokemon Toilet Paper, Sailor Moon Chocolate, and More!

I'm back in the US now! I'm a bit behind on posts since I got busy with packing and stuff, but now I have some time to catch up.

These first two pictures are actually from January. McDonald's had curly fries for a while! They maybe weren't quite as good as Arby's, but they were close. I would have gotten them again, but by the next time I went they were already gone.

We went to the park along the Tenryu River one afternoon to take some pictures. It was nice and clear so we were able to see Mt. Fuji.

Jonathan was buying toilet paper and I told him he should get the Pokemon kind. He actually got it, haha.

Jonathan's birthday was in early February. For some reason the 3 candle came with a ? candle so I used it too. It's random. I ate the strawberry cake. It was yummy!

Near Tenryugawa station there is a larger area of model homes. The Miffy bunnies outside of that house were random and cute!

I tried pink Pepsi because it was pink and cute. I don't really like Pepsi though. This one had a strawberry flavor so I liked it better than just plain Pepsi, but it wasn't great. I drank about half of it. I could have finished it, but it just wasn't worth the calories and sugar.

Jonathan bought me cute flowers for Valentine's day! The white flowers in the picture are actually from New Year's! They lasted a long time!

Rilakkuma was at Ichino Aeon mall one day. Soooo cute! I just realized that the man on the left in this picture has a Rilakkuma cell phone cover. 

Jonathan and I played the Mario Party medal game again. We played for a long time. When we were getting tired of it and were ready to go home we kept winning more and more medals. We even got to play a game with the ball and wheel in the middle of the machine and won 200. We were like, "Noooooo!" Hahaha. But then a bit later it actually stopped working and was jammed or something and stopped giving us medals back.

A store in Ichino had a bunch of Sailor Moon Valentine's chocolates!!! I picked out some for myself. :)

Jonathan got tools. How manly.

I saw some throat drops with a crying cat on the package. So cute and so sad! I actually got a cold (or maybe just allergies?) a couple weeks later and needed throat drops but couldn't find these again.

I didn't get those, but they were wasabi beef Doritos. They're royal, haha.

That is such a weird name for a beer. Zero life? I don't think that would sell well in America.

This year Starbuck's special sakura drinks were the Caramelly Sakura Chocolate Frappuccino and latte. I got the Frappuccino. I mostly tasted caramel. It was good, but I've liked past sakura drinks better. I'm not really a fan of caramel drinks but this was still good. I actually then really did like this when I got to the end and had the caramel sauce and toppings. That part was super good.

Jonathan and I drove to one of my schools so that I could show him how pretty it is around there. I only went to that elementary school once a month and I always looked forward to the drive. The road goes along the Tenryu river and it's dammed so it looks more like a lake. Some mornings it was so still that it reflected everything super well like a mirror. 

It was prettier in the summer when everything was greener, but it was still very nice.

Mister Donut had a chocolate marshmallow "pizza." It was delicious! 

I'm not sure what the assignment was (this was from Jonathan's school) but it's funny. The student wrote "Visit Yamada Denki every day without clothes." Yamada Denki is an electronics store. So weird!


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