Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Break Part 12: Sakura, Kitties, and Karaoke

I spent the next couple of days organizing my new apartment a bit and visiting some of my new schools. Then on Friday, April 4th I went back to Tokyo, but this time I was with Jonathan.

We left pretty early in the morning and were in Tokyo by lunch time. We went to Odaiba first to eat at the Indian buffet there. Yum!

 After eating way too much we spent some time in the arcade and on the beach.

Next we went to Ueno Park. The trees were past their peak and didn't look as good as when Lauren and I had been there five days earlier. They were still really pretty though and it was windy so the petals were falling like snow.

What???? I have no idea what's going on in that picture. Ha ha.

I wasn't hungry so I didn't get any food, but some of the stalls were cute.

We passed by the pond and saw some rowboats. We had done the swan boats before but not the rowboats so we wanted to do that. The rowboats were done for the day though. It was looking like it might rain anyways.


Birds were sitting on top of some of the boats. Cute!

As we were heading out of the park it started to rain. We took shelter on the side of some temple or shrine and waited for it to pass.

Then we took the subway to nearby Asakusa to visit a cat cafe. We passed through the touristy gift shop area. The guy in the middle of the next picture cracks me up.

I don't know what that bus was for, but it was... interesting... more creepy than cute. Those eyes are scary!

We easily found Asakusa Nekoen, the cat cafe. The elevator up to it had cute stickers! :)

There are many cat cafes in Tokyo but I chose that one because I had read good reviews that said the cats were friendly. The concept of it is also really nice. All of the cats are rescued and many of them are up for adoption.

The cats really were friendly! All of them let us pet them except for one. None of them tried to bite or scratch me. At one point I was petting one of the cats and every time I walked away, it meowed at me. So I kept going back to pet it some more. So cute and friendly!

I'm allergic to cats and started to sneeze so the woman working there gave me a mask. It really did help and I didn't have any issues for the rest of the hour.

There was a guy working on things for the website or something. He had a bag that had paper or labels or something in it. When he took his stuff out a cat stole the bag and played with it. It would run towards the open bag and slide into it. Some of the other cats played with the bag too.

The battery on my camera was dying so I didn't take very many pictures. A lot of the pictures I took didn't turn out that well but I didn't have enough power left to try and take better ones. :(

If you are interested in visiting a cat cafe I definitely recommend Asakusa Nekoen. The cats are friendly and I think it's sweet that they're all rescued kitties. :) It was 800 yen for one hour and I think it was worth it. I hope to go back someday.

Then we headed to Shibuya to eat dinner at Ichiran Ramen and go to karaoke. 

I sang the Rayearth theme song (in the picture above), Let it Go, Aitakatta, Ninja Re Bang Bang and a few other songs. So much fun!

Sometimes songs have real music videos in the background, but the videos for many of the songs are super random. Jonathan sang two different songs that had this crazy video in the background. Some guy was wandering and stumbling around making crazy faces.

I've seen some really horrible videos and that was one of the worst! But that meant it was awesome and hilarious of course.

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