Monday, May 12, 2014

A Pretty Day at Hamamatsu Flower Park


A little over two weeks ago Jonathan and I spent a Saturday at the Hamamatsu Flower Park. We also went there last year and you can read more about it here.

First we stopped and got lunch at a 7-Eleven. I don't remember what I had (egg salad sandwiches, salad, and chips most likely) but I had a nice grapefruit soda to drink. It had more juice than a typical soda so it was really good.

Jonathan had some energy drink called Samuride haha.

As we were driving towards the flower park I made Jonathan get out my camera and take a picture of a piano statue on top of a building.

Unfortunately the camera wasn't put back into my purse so when we were in the park I realized that it was still in the car. We had already paid the fee and entered so I wasn't sure if I could go back and get it or not. I thought about asking but just decided to use my cell phone. It doesn't take the greatest pictures but I got some nice pictures there last year.

Last year we saw a lot of tulips. Those seemed to be mostly done for the year, but we got to see some very nice wisteria! 

We bought some fish/duck food from a vending machine. There was one area where many people were feeding the fish but we went over to a quieter area. There weren't any fish, but I spotted a turtle and we lured it over with some food. 

Then we walked around and fed fish in a few different areas including the busy area with a ton of fish.

I really liked the display of a bunch of gerbera daisies. They're so cute, bright, and cheerful.

Before leaving we looked around the gift shop a bit. They had some nice cut flowers. Jonathan bought me some lilies. They bloomed very nicely! They were almost all open last week and then started dropping their petals. Today only one flower is left. They lasted quite a while though!

Then we drove back to my apartment and ate at the Indian restaurant at the mall across the street. It's really good! I think we've eaten there three times already. I had naan, some type of chicken curry, rice, salad, and iced chai tea. Mmmm! :)


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