Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Break Part 11: Harajuku Again! Buying a Lolita Dress!

The 31st was Lauren's last day in Japan. She had to get on a train around noon so we didn't have any time to do anything exciting that day. But she did make it down to the free breakfast at Toyoko Inn for the first time! She never went to the Toyoko Inn breakfast the first time she visited Japan so it was kind of a joke whether or not she would ever go this time.

I took a picture of our hotel room before we left.

Lauren had to organize some of her luggage and get some stuff from a coin locker before getting on the train. I took a picture of the water bottle she got from Sky Tree earlier in the trip.

Lauren's train ended up being late. It was about ten to fifteen minutes late which is super late for Japan! But it gave us a little more time before she left. It was sad that she was leaving, but we had had such a fun trip and had done so many random fun things!

After she left I waited in a long line to buy a new Seishun ticket (It was the last day I could buy one and Jonathan and I needed it later.) and got a few items from an Andersen bakery for lunch. Then I went back to Harajuku because I was considering buying a lolita dress at Bodyline.

I went back to Closet Child first. I saw a really cute pink Angelic Pretty dress there and it was a really good deal. I found some better deals there than the first time we went. What I noticed is that solid color dresses are fairly cheap, but the prints tend to still be pretty expensive.

I considered buying the dress, but decided to look at Bodyline again. I saw some cute dresses in Bodyline, but some of the ones I liked were about the same price as the Angelic Pretty dress and the quality and detail on them wasn't as good. I went into a few more stores and then ended up going back to Closet Child to buy the dress.

It's so cute! And so pink! It's a bit wrinkled so I need to wash and iron it. I plan on wearing it for Halloween so I probably won't bother with that until then. I also need to get a blouse and some poofy under stuff to go with it.

I also got a couple of cheap accessories. They have some used name-brand accessories there, but they also have some random no-brand stuff for much much less. I also included the earrings I got from Rolianne Pink Made because I think they'll go really well with the outfit too. I plan on wearing the earrings with other things too though.

It was almost time for me to leave then, but I was a little hungry and wanted a snack before getting on the train. I walked over to Omotesando Street to go to the McDonald's with the McCafe.

I cut through on a small street that was very quiet. It's amazing how the main streets are so crowded and busy but there are many smaller, quiet streets that seem like you've been transported to a totally different area. Anyways, I saw those teddy bears on a bench outside of a place called Harajuku St. Valentine Church. It must be one of those fake church places for weddings.

At McDonald's I got a couple of things from the McCafe counter. They had some special stuff for sakura season and I got a Cherry Frappe. It had a nice cherry flavor and yummy strawberry candy bits on top. So good! I also got a chocolate cookie which was good and pretty much tasted how I would expect. It wasn't anything amazing, but it was good.

Then I went to Tokyo Station to get on a train to go home. I was a little sad to leave Tokyo but not too much because I was going to be back in a few days.


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