Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kawaii!!! Cute Stuff I've Bought in Japan


 I like shopping and in Japan it's even more fun. There's so much cute stuff everywhere! And the clothing fits me better here! The picture above is the result of a morning shopping in Hamamatsu. The shirt in the bottom left corner is just a boring work shirt (at least it is pink though!), but the other is a super cute top from Cecil McBee. I couldn't resist! The magazine came with a really cute Liz Lisa case (I thought I had taken a picture, but I can't find it). Many magazines here come with "free" things like that. The bowl, fork (Rilakkuma design!), and cup (Little Twin Stars!) all came from Kiddyland. The book is the first volume of the Yotsubato manga. I found a study guide for it online so I can use it to study Japanese. I would have bought a newer one that's not available in the US yet, but I think I'll start with the first one so I can use a study guide.

The other night my boyfriend and I met up in Hamamatsu after work and ate at Freshness Burger in the station. After that we went upstairs to a few stores. In Kiddyland I looked at a super cute Rilakkuma pillow. I was planning on buying it after my first paycheck. We then went to Loft and while I was buying a little puzzle my boyfriend went to Kiddyland to buy the Rilakkuma pillow for me. So sweet!

It was wrapped because the cashier asked him if it was a present and he said yes because he didn't want them to think it was for himself, haha.

This evening I found a store with really cute bedding! I bought a Rilakkuma sheet to go over my futon cover.


I bought this cute clip a couple weeks ago. It was only 105 yen. It didn't come from a 100 yen store (105 with tax), but I've bought a lot of stuff from 100 yen stores. There are three all in the same area near here and it only takes me a few minutes to drive there. 100 yen stores are really nice especially when setting up an apartment. They're so much better than American dollar stores!

The rest of these pictures are of things I've gotten from 100 yen stores.

Hello Kitty hair catch drain cover (I had one just like this in Toi), a garbage can, and foil

magazine holder, some clip things for drying socks and underwear, strainer, nail polish remover, hangers, and plates

I didn't actually buy these hooks (Jonathan did), but I like that the package says "Shiny Laundry Time."

organizing box, scissors, paper towels, bank for 500 yen coins, food tray, glass, storage container, slotted spoon, page protectors, hangers, suction cup hooks, tape, cutting board, s-hooks (I used them to hang up my Hello Kitty banners!), knife, washcloth, and permanent marker to write my name on my trash bags

100 yen stores often have banks that are meant for 500 yen coins and they can only be opened with a can opener. It's a bit sad because it's a cute Minnie Mouse bank. :( But I like the idea of saving 500 yen coins. I did that last time to have money for when my boyfriend visited me. 500 yen coins add up really fast! This bank said that when it's full it equals 100,000 yen, which is roughly $1,000. Crazy!

bag that I use to carry stuff to class in, Hamtaro origami paper, Mameshiba origami paper, laundry nets (to keep the washing machine from tangling up all my clothes and stretching them), Downy, flip flops. pencils, mug, organizing trays and basket, cute mold that I'll use for resin crafts, Hello Kitty spoon, chopstick rest, notepad, and folders

"kirakira" means "sparkle" in Japanese. I want to go to "that Kirakira and the shining world!"

Are you sure you want to become a big strawberry tart? Lol.

The bathroom floor gets really wet when I shower so if I need to go back in after my shower my feet get all wet. So I bought these flip flops to solve that. 

pretty chopstick rest!

So, that's a lot of the stuff that I've bought! I have a bunch of food pictures that I'll put in a separate post soon!


  1. I love all the stuff you bought! Especially the HK spoon and the Alice In Wonderland flip flops, but everything is really cute! Soooo much better than the dollar stores here.

  2. Oh, I am so jealous of all the cute finds, esp. the Rilakuma pillow! Just stumbled upon your blog via a google search. Will come back to read more later!

  3. omg that's so cute, I love japanese stuff! :3

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