Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Apartment!

Almost two weeks ago I moved into my apartment (in the photo above). So far I really love it! It's really small, but it's enough space for just me. It's a Leopalace apartment, which is a company that has a bunch of apartments all around Japan.

It's very different from my last apartment, which was big but old. I like this one better even though it has a lot less space. It's newer, cleaner, and feels less empty. Here's a video of my old apartment:

Now here are some pics of my new apartment!

This sign was on the floor the day I moved in.

This is the view when you first walk in. The washing machine is on the left. The first door on the right goes to the bathroom. The second door goes to the toilet.

The kitchen is small, but is actually bigger than many Leopalace apartments. My boyfriend's kitchen doesn't have any counter space. The burners are right next to the sink. I had the choice of two different apartments and I chose this one (even though it's a little more expensive) because it has a bigger kitchen, a balcony, and is much closer to the station.

The kitchen has worked pretty well for me so far. My only complaint really is that the burners are really close to each other so I can't actually use my pan and pot at the same time. I'll have to buy some smaller pots and pans! I really like the pink pot and blue pan though.

I didn't like the frosted glass doors at first, but now I kind of like them. They let in plenty of light but people can't see in.  They face south so I get plenty of sunlight, which I love!

I bought those Hello Kitty banners the last time I lived in Japan at a 100 yen shop. :) That's a table, but I have it folded up now because I bought a kotatsu. I prefer low tables.  


The bed is on top of a "walk-in" closet. It's a bit too short for me to actually fully stand in but it's a great storage space!

My bedding is pretty boring right now, but maybe I'll find a cute Hello Kitty futon cover sometime!


This is the view from my balcony.

I plan on doing a video of my apartment at some point as well. I still want to organize a few things on my shelves and in the closet and in my kitchen, but then I'll take a video.


  1. That's a gorgeous apartment! I am so jealous, I want to live in Japan! x

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