Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sakura at Night

Friday was the last day of training and all we had on Saturday was a quick health check, so it was mostly a free day.

This was a typical breakfast at the hotel, though most days there was something involving hot dogs. On Saturday I had a croissant, potato salad, chicken with vegetables, cabbage with other vegetables, mixed fruit, Japanese pickles, and orange juice.

The breakfast area had a nice view!

My boyfriend had his health check after breakfast and mine wasn't until 1:00, so I spent the morning shopping. I didn't eat at Mister Donut, but I took this picture outside of one.

I had a couple pieces of Shaka Shaka Chicken from McDonald's for lunch. They've changed it a little since I was last here, but it's still good.

The red building  under the train tracks is where I ate ramen earlier in the week. There are a several different ramen restaurants in there.

That's the building where we had training.

I didn't know how long the health checks would take (last time they took quite a while) so my boyfriend and I decided to meet at the station around 4. It ended up being very quick and I was done by 1:30 so I had quite a bit more time to just wander around and shop and take pictures.

That evening my boyfriend and I went back to Hamamatsu Castle Park to see the sakura at night. We decided to take a different route there. We knew the general direction of the park, but we ended up getting a bit lost because we got distracted by places we came across, like this neat hotel with torches.

This was behind the hotel and down the street a little bit and based on signs we think this was a place for weddings. It was really pretty!

We were kinda lost, but never too lost because we could see Act Tower, the tallest building in Hamamatsu, which wasn't far from our hotel.

We came across several temples and shrines. They looked mysterious at night!

Eventually we decided to head back in the direction of Act Tower and then eventually recognized where we were and got back on track to Hamamatsu Castle Park.

The park was super pretty with the lanterns lit up and the sakura petals falling!

We got hungry as we walked around the park, so we decided to get some food from a konbini and eat in the park. It took us surprisingly long to find a konbini, but we eventually found one, bought our food, and walked back to the park.  It was quite a bit of walking back and forth but it was worth it. We found a spot on a bench near the main pond and ate our dinner. So nice! 

This video isn't the greatest, but you can kind of see the sakura petals blowing in the wind.

Now I need to work on organizing my apartment a bit more so I can take a video of it. I bought a kotatsu yesterday. Yay! I also drove here for the first time yesterday! I'll take pics of my car as well!

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