Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Umi no Hi Weekend

This past weekend was a three-day weekend. Monday was 海の日 (umi no hi) which means "Ocean Day." So it was very appropriate to go to the beach! :)

On Saturday (Ok, not quite Umi no Hi) I went to Shimoda with a few friends. Shimoda is on the southwest coast of the Izu Peninsula. To get there I took a bus to Shuzenji Station where I met my friends. From there we took another bus and then a train to Shimoda. From there we took another bus to the beach.

This is a picture of the nautical themed ticket gate at the train station in Shimoda. The workers there wore Hawaiian shirts.

Finally we made it to the beach!

It was a little crowded, but still very pretty and a lot of fun. :) We ate lunch at a little place on the beach. They had Japanese food like ramen and yakisoba and curry. I had curry. :)

We took the train back home. Shuzenji Station is in the middle of the peninsula. Shimoda is on the southeast coast of the peninsula. But to get to Shuzenji Station by train I had to go all the way north and then west, and then back south. It's too bad there's not a train line connecting the central line to the east line, but there are mountains in the way.

The train had some nice views though!

On Monday (actually Ocean Day!) I walked to the beach in Toi. It has been several weeks since I was last there, so I was a little surprised to see so many people there! All the stands along the beach were open selling food and cute inner tubes and other swimming toys.

I bought some cookies earlier in the week and I thought it was funny that I ate some of them on Ocean Day, since they have pictures of ships on them.

So overall, it was a very nice weekend! :)
As usual, there are more photos on facebook! :)

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