Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tokyo (the fourth time!)

Today I finally got internet. I haven't had internet for a little over a month now. So I haven't been able to use Skype either. So, I went to Tokyo a couple weeks ago so that I could use internet in the hotel. I also did some sightseeing and shopping of course!

I went to Rikugien Saturday morning. It was really pretty and a huge contrast with the city around it.

Then I went to Ginza to do some shopping. :)

I went to Itoya, which is a stationary store. It has a wide variety of things. It has pens that cost 100 yen (about a dollar) and pens that cost over 6000000 yen. Seriously! That's like $60,000!!!! I think I stood there several minutes recounting the zeros to make sure that's really how much it was. It was sooooo ugly too. I wanted to take a picture, but there were signs not to take photos and there were workers (more like guards) around these cases (there were many other expensive pens as well, this one was just the most expensive one I saw).

I did make some purchases in this store. I bought one of the cheaper thousand dollar pens. Okay, of course not (why would anyone spend that much on a pen?!?!?!?!?!?). I bought something much better (for less than 10 dollars!). Paper! It's soooo cute! :)

Then I went to Shibuya. Look at the Godzilla ad! Haha.

These buildings are just a few minutes from the station. I don't know why they are still there. They're so old! They don't look like they're in great condition either. This is an expensive area!!!! The land those buildings are on has to be worth a TON!

This is the view of the Hachiko crosswalk in Shibuya from Starbucks.

Japanese ads can be so random. Why is Darth Vader in the cell phone ad? I have no idea, but I love it!

On Sunday I went to Harajuku. This girl was outside the station posing for pictures.

This store had really cheap Lolita clothing. I know where to buy a fun costume! :)

Here is a picture of a rainbow I saw on the way home. This is Mishima Station.

More pictures of Tokyo............ HERE!

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