Friday, July 2, 2010

Tokyo Disney Sea!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a month ago I went to Tokyo Disney Sea with a few friends. I had been looking forward to visiting Tokyo Disney for a long time!

We stayed at a hostel in Tokyo. All four of us shared a room with bunk beds. It was nice that we didn't have to share the room with other random people.

The next morning we took the subway and trains and finally arrived at Disney Sea! The train that went from the train station to the park was really cute!!!! Mickey shaped windows! Mickey shaped handles! かわいい!

Disney Sea was really cool and pretty! Here area few pictures of the different areas.

In one area there was a random performance

We rode several rides including a random boat ride (and I really mean random... it just took a random spinning route through the water and kept switching from forwards to backwards), and Indiana Jones ride (which had pretty cool effects!), a Sinbad boat storybook ride (what's with the non-Disney rides?), a roller coaster, a kiddy Little Mermaid spinning ride, and Tower of Terror.

The Tower of the Terror was my favorite! Most of it was inside but then at the very top they opened the doors and there was a really cool (and scary!) view of Disney Sea right before dropping again.
By the end of the day we were all very tired. Our feet hurt and it had been a hot day. But it had been soooo much fun!
We headed back to Jimbocho (the area of Tokyo our hotel was in). Then we went to a Mexican restaurant. I was really craving Mexican food. It was good, but it didn't satisfy my craving... this is NOT a chimichanga.
Lol, at least it still tasted good.
The next morning we went out to eat at Denny's. It's totally different than an American Denny's. I had a hamburger (without bread) and some sort sauce on it and corn and some other Japanese type vegetables and rice and miso soup. No bacon and scrambled egg and sausage platters at this Denny's. They did have pancakes though, but it looked like they were more of a desert thing.
Then we headed to Akihabara so one of my friens could buy a camera at the same store that I had bought my camera. I "bought" a puzzle of Tokyo Tower. I used the points I had on my store card from my camera so it was free. :) I love that store!
After that we went to Ginza to shop at Forever 21. I hadn't been to Ginza yet so it was exciting. It was really cool because they closed the main street so that pedestrians could walk on it. They even put chairs out in the street for people to sit on.
Forever 21 was fun and I got a cute flowery headband and some cute hair clips. :)
Tokyo is soooo much funnn!!!!! I could definitely live there! But then I would never have any money... :P

I took the Shinkansen back home. I got a nice view of Fuji-san!
Here are more pictures from my weekend: TOKYO DISNEY SEA!!!!!!!!


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