Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Break - Tokyo Day 1

On the 23rd Jonathan and I went to Tokyo. That evening we went to see Christmas lights in Roppongi. I had read about different illumination displays in Tokyo and this one sounded neat. I didn't expect such a crowd though! We actually had to wait in line. Luckily we only waited about 15 minutes.

I'm glad we didn't wait very long for it because it wasn't really that impressive. It was pretty and nice, but not worth waiting in line or dealing with crowds. If we had just been walking around and randomly came across it I would have thought it was really cool, but waiting in line kind of made me expect a bit more.

There was a really nice park nearby though and there was hardly anyone else there. It was a nice surprise to find it.

As we found our way back to the station we went into a building where there were some booths selling Christmas decorations. I really loved these sparkly streamers! I think I was more excited about these than the illuminations outside!

Then we went to dinner at La Jolla, a Mexican restaurant. After eating delicious chimichangas we went to Shinjuku to get frozen yogurt at Menchies. Mmmm!

I just thought that window display was really pretty! :)

We stepped in Bikkuro for a couple of minutes just to look at the cool Lego displays.

We ended the evening at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. They had a puzzle on display (that I had seen in a store in Hamamatsu but they sold out) but didn't have any in stock either.

So I ended up buying this puzzle. I had also seen it in Hamamatsu and really liked it. It had been about 3400 yen in Hamamtsu but Yodobashi had it for about 1000 yen less so I thought it was a good deal. Yeah... like 2500 is cheap for a puzzle... Japan has changed what I feel is an acceptable price for a puzzle lol.

However when we went back several days later they had the Disney princess one in stock and I ended up buying that one as well. I just finished making it! It was soooo much fun to work on. The puzzle pieces are white plastic and the colors are really bright and clear. The pieces fit together really well and now that it's done I was actually able to transfer it to another table just by picking it up. Such great quality! It's part of the "Pure White" series and so far I think there are only a few designs. I hope they make more eventually.

We wandered around a bit and found stuff that I never even knew they sold. Like DJ equipment.

We played around with some really expensive DJ turntables and hoped that no one would come over thinking we were seriously interested in them. They were really neat though!


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