Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I'm a bit late for Christmas but I was traveling all last week. Since Jonathan and I were going to be traveling on Christmas we opened gifts on Sunday, a few days early.

The night before we ate dinner together and watched Home Alone. I made gratin and stuffing for dinner. We also had cranberry sauce which I had found in a grocery store near Hamamatsu Station a few days before. So exciting!

The next morning we got breakfast from McDonald's and then opened gifts from each other and my parents.

Jonathan wrapped that one... lol.

Yes, that's a Rilakkuma toilet paper holder, haha. One of the gifts Jonathan gave me was toilet paper and then it made sense lol. 

But that wasn't the main gift. He also gave me a giant Rilakkuma! IT'S SO CUTE!!!!!!

It had actually been in my apartment all week! The previous weekend when I was in Nagoya he biked over to my apartment and hid Rilakkuma up in the ceiling of my bathroom which I've always been too scared to look in. It turns out it's not scary at all.


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