Sunday, January 26, 2014

November and December Randomness

I bought some cute Disney cookies for Halloween and they had cute pictures on them.

An awesome package from my mom! I have eaten all of the food already, except for some of the Poptarts. I want them to last a while because they're amazingly delicious. The Stove Top stuffing was really good for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

7-Eleven had a lot of interesting onigiri for a while (they still have some, I think). The one above was tomato rice wrapped with egg. So it was kind of like omurice. The one below was my favorite and I only found it once. It was flavored rice (it says something about tonkatsu ramen so I think that was that flavor) with egg and just a little bit of seaweed. I don't like onigiri completely wrapped in seaweed but just the one strip was perfect. There was another onigiri I got several times that had bits of ham and egg throughout and it was also delicious!

Just a random pic of me before Jonathan and I went out shopping I think. I got the bag (Liz Lisa and My Melody!) with a catalog I bought at a bookstore. The sweater was also new then. That flower pattern is pretty popular. I saw a similar sweater at Cecil McBee for about 4000 yen but I got that at Shimamura for only 1500.


I also got this cute sweatshirt at Shimamura for sleeping and wearing around my apartment. It needs a pic of Fifi though too! I like this sweatshirt because it kind of looks like something I could have had as a kid in the 90's.

Ice cream wrapped in chocolate mochi and with a chocolate center... deliciousness!

Sooo... I took some toilet paper from school so that I could take a picture. It's from Iwata City and it's about driving safety. I have never seen anything like this before... lol.

I don't know what this poster was about, but it had a picture of Tama, a cat who is a station master. Yes, seriously. So cute! Read about Tama here.

During the winter a lot of hot drinks are available in vending machines and konbini. Hot ginger ale is pretty awesome!

This drink was not hot, but it was even more delicious. It was grape lemon ginger ale. I don't think it's around anymore... :( Though I haven't actually looked either.

Yuzu Fanta was good. I hope they bring Peach back again sometime. That's my favorite! Melon is a very close second and luckily it's available year round. :)

I bought these at Plaza, a store with some import stuff. SOOOOO good! Imagine two thin mint cookies with chocolate cream between them. Super tasty! They're from Australia. I still have some left and this is making me hungry for them now.

There's a house between Tenryugawa Station and Jonathan's apartment with crazy lights. They've had some up all year, but it got even crazier around Christmas. 

This fancy Haagen Dazs ice cream was super good, but a bit pricey. It was over 400 yen I think.

I loved the Tim Tams so much that I went back to Plaza, in Hamamatsu station, for more. I also got a pack for Jonathan. The chocolate orange ones are good too!

While in Hamamatsu I found another grocery store in the basement of Entetsu Department store. They had a lot of import stuff which was awesome. I found cranberry sauce! And some random Disney Princess pasta! :)

We didn't eat KFC on Christmas eve (we had McDonald's and I had chicken nuggets) but I took this pic at a KFC a couple weeks before. Kentucky Christmas Hotel? What's that? Lol. And does everyone in Kentucky walk around in Santa suits on Christmas?


  1. Hi, I love your blog. I'm Australian so if you ever want Tim tams please let me know I'll be happy to send you some.

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