Thursday, April 1, 2010


As I am writing this, I am watching Pokemon... lol... well, not really watching it I guess, but it's on.

Today I went to Numazu with a few other ALTs. It was rainy, but it was fun to get out and see someplace new. Plus, I really wanted to try out the bus system. I didn't get on any wrong buses so that's good! :)

While waiting for the bus, I got bored so I took a picture of the vending machine next to the bus stop sign. It's common for vending machines here to have beer in them.

The bus was pretty much on time. It was about two minutes late, but for a bus that seems pretty good! After a long bus ride through the mountains, I arrived at Shuzenji Station. I hadn't purchased a train ticket since the day I arrived in Japan and then I had someone who spoke English help me buy the right ticket and tell me where to go. This time I did it by myself and it was actually really easy (especially once I found the English button on the ticket machine).

The train didn't take too long and soon I was in Numazu. Here's a picture outside the station in Numazu.

We decided to head towards the ocean and port. We had a bit of trouble getting to there because we kept going down dead end roads, but we got to wander through an area with pretty houses and sakura. :) However, once we got to the ocean it was really really windy there and pouring rain and the beach wasn't very pretty. It was really funny though and we laughed about walking through the rain just to get to an ugly beach. I have some pictures of the Sakura and ocean, but I took them with my phone and I don't have a way to transfer them yet.

On our way to find a place to eat we came across this which was cool.

After eating at a curry restaurant (yum!) we went to a shopping area.

There was a cute sign outside of Mr. Doughnut!

The doughnut I got was cute too. :) It had both chocolate and strawberry icing. :)

When I got back to Shuzenji Station I had about 20 minutes before my bus left so I walked around a little bit. Even in the rain the Sakura were still pretty!

Well, that was my day today. I have another big day tomorrow because I'm going to the schools for introductions! :)

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