Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Break Part 9: Bigbang at Tokyo Dome

On Saturday the 27th I went to a Bigbang concert at Tokyo Dome! But first that morning we headed to Shinokubo to eat lunch, which was also kind of breakfast because we had missed the breakfast at the hotel.

We took the monorail to Hamamatsucho Station and then took the Yamanote line to Shinokubo.

We had to wait a while to get into Miyomi, but maybe only about 20 minutes so it wasn't too bad. Miyomi plays a lot of Bigbang videos so it was very popular that day. It was also pretty much only women there though there was one other guy, with probably his girlfriend, in front of us in line. Then I saw a couple more come in while we were eating.

I had pomegranate juice which was more like pomegranate Kool-Aid but it was still good.

We both had japchae, but I got the one with rice and Jonathan got the plate with just noodles.

After a very delicious lunch, I stopped in one of the stores to buy some stuff to decorate my bag a bit more. I got a G-Dragon button and keychain with the name of the tour. Then we both got honey hotteok from a stand. Sooooo yummy! I want to go there one more time before leaving Japan in March.

In Shin Okubo I saw a ton of Bigbang fans. It was obvious that many people were heading to the concert. The stores were taking advantage of that. Most of them had a lot of Bigbang merchandise displayed at their entrances and they were playing Bigbang songs on their TVs and in their stores.

After finishing our dessert, we went to Tokyo Dome. It was still about two hours until the concert started. We walked around a bit and went in some of the shops of Tokyo Dome City for a while.  

I finally went in around 3. Jonathan wasn't going to the concert, so we parted then.

I bought a melon soda and found my seat which was pretty good. It was in the top level, but in the first row of that tier. Also, there were many smaller stages with walkways from the main stage, and my seat was in front of one of those stages. I really liked the setup of the stage this year.

I took that picture at the end. I didn't dare try to take a picture before the concert when security people were walking around with signs saying that you would get kicked out if you took a picture. Many people took pictures with their phones afterwards though and no one tried to stop anyone.

About half an hour before the concert I went to use the restroom. I'm glad I went then because the line was super long. I barely made it back in before four!

The concert started a few minutes late, but not too bad. Maybe five minutes?

Ikon was the opening act and I enjoyed them and some fans in the audience were suuuuuper excited. One of the songs they did was Long Time No See. They did another but I don't know the name of it.

Then finally Bigbang came out! The opening song was Fantastic Baby. They were all wearing red sequined jackets that really sparkled in the light! It was a great, energetic start to the concert. The place was shaking so much that at first I thought that it might be an earthquake.

I was very glad to have a light stick this year. I didn't have one last year in Nagoya and was sad about that, but there were some people around me that didn't have one either or just had a generic light stick. But this year at Tokyo Dome I didn't see anyone around me that didn't have a Bigbang one!

Something that was interesting during the concert was that no one in my row stood up. I don't know if it was because we were in the front of the balcony and didn't have to or that we weren't allowed to. I remember something on my ticket saying something about sitting down, but I hadn't been quite sure what it said. The railing was a bit low so maybe it was a safety thing? Though if that was the issue I would think that they would just put a higher railing on it. There were times that I wanted to stand up but overall it was a good thing because I didn't get tired.
They did quite a few of the same songs as last year. The concert wasn't as long as last year's because they didn't do much solo stuff. But I still got to hear most of my favorite songs so it was great!

They did a few songs that I hadn't heard last year, including Stupid Liar and Top of the World. I was really excited to hear Top of the World because that's one of my favorite songs from their Japanese album, which was the first album of theirs that I ever heard. I really wish they had done Monster because they didn't do it last year either. It's one of my favorites and I would love to hear it in concert.

At the "end" they did My Heaven followed by Koe wo Kikasete, two of my favorites! So awesome! Of course it wasn't really the end though and they came back out for an encore. Also, almost everyone started singing the chorus of My Heaven over and over again while waiting for them to come back out. It was the same last year in Nagoya.

They came back out singing Baby Baby (Last Farewell). Then they all did some short solo stuff. I think most of them, or maybe all, just did shorter versions of their songs because it didn't take very long. Taeyang did Ringa Linga, which was fun, but I wish he had done one of his newer songs. I would have loved to hear him perform Eyes, Nose, Lips. Such a good song!

But oh well. At least I got to hear him do Wedding Dress last year which is my very very favorite song of his.

Daesung did Look at Me Gwisun, which I don't care for a whole lot, but it was super fun in concert because everyone did the dance from the music video.

Then they all joined back together and sang Fantastic Baby. The concert ended with just as much energy as it had begun with!

Once the concert ended I had to wait for a while because they were only letting out certain sections at a time and mine was one of the last to go. Then I followed the crowds to the wrong station and had to backtrack against the crowd for a while. But luckily when I got to Korakuen, the correct station, it wasn't as busy as I expected and I was able to get on a train right away. From there it was just a few minutes to Ikebukuro Station where I was meeting Jonathan.

We met outside of Beckers and had dinner there. We both got the pho and spring roll set.

While we were eating Jonathan also gave me a really cute cat calendar. Aww! So sweet!

Then we went to the arcades again but didn't win anything this time. After that we got parfaits at Milky Way Cafe. Yum!

We thought about doing karaoke after that, but it was a long wait at the places we walked by so we didn't go.

It had been a great day! The whole trip had been wonderful so far. I was a bit sad that it was our last night in Tokyo. Just one day left!

I found a set list online from the concert, but it seemed to have some mistakes. I found one for the 26th, the night before I went, but it seems to be the same as the 27th from what I can remember. Here are the songs they did:

1. Fantastic Baby
2. Number 1
3. Stupid Liar
4. Top of the World
5. Gara Gara Go
6. Haru Haru
7. Blue
8. Tonight
9. Knock Out (TOP and G Dragon)
10. High High (TOP and G Dragon)
11. Bad Boy
12. Tell Me Goodbye
13. Cafe
14. Lies
15. Love Song
16. Good Boy (G Dragon and Taeyang)
17. Hands Up
18. Feeling
19. My Heaven
20. Koe wo Kikasete

21. Baby Baby
22. Strong Baby (Seungri)
23. Doom Dada (TOP)
24. Ringa Linga (Taeyang)
25. Crooked (G Dragon)
26. Look at Me, Gwisun (Daesung)
27. Fantastic Baby

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