Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter Break Part 10: More Odaiba

The 28th was our last day in Tokyo and we spent most of the day in Odaiba. Before heading out though we had breakfast at the hotel.

Toyoko Inn Shinagawa-eki Konan-guchi Tennozu was definitely the largest Toyoko Inn I've stayed at. I really liked it!

That morning Jonathan and I sat at the counter which looked out into the courtyard. 

There was a random giant trash can outside of the hotel. Jonathan said he was doing a "Jenna pose" because that's exactly how I would have posed in a picture with the trash can. He's right, haha.

The hotel is the building in on the left and that's the shuttle bus in front of it.

In Odaiba we first went back into Diver City because Jonathan's hands were dry and he needed some lotion. We also went to Starbucks. I got the chocolate orange mocha latte. It was good, but the Frappuccino was much better. It was super chocolate and pretty much just tasted like hot chocolate. I think that the person who made it may have added too much chocolate. I love chocolate so it was delicious but I wanted the orange taste so it was a bit disappointing.

Then we headed to Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), a museum that Jonathan wanted to visit. I hadn't been too excited about it, but when we arrived and saw that it was already closed for the New Year's holidays I was a bit disappointed. 

I wished we had checked the closing dates online earlier so that we could have planned something else for that day. It was sunny and not too cold so it would have been a nice day for hiking Takaosan. Oh well.

So then we just walked around an area of Odaiba we had never been before. It wasn't anything super exciting but I ended up really enjoying it.  

There were a lot of ships.

There was even a ship-themed playground. Of course we played on it.

In one area there were many photographers taking pictures of some models. It seemed like it was some sort of photography club or something. As we were walking, a guy approached us and asked if he could take our picture. I would have been a little worried and said no if I had been alone, but with Jonathan it seemed ok. He took some pictures of us on a tire swing and later sent us one. Cute!

Then we walked around the Aqua City mall a bit. We wandered into a different part of the mall called Mediage which we had never been in before. We went to an arcade and played a few games of darts which was a lot of fun.

There was a screen that was putting different things on people's faces. Funny!

Then in Aqua City we went to an Italian place called To the Herbs. It has really nice views of the Tokyo skyline. I let Jonathan have the seat facing the window but I ended up having almost just as good of a view because the wall behind him had mirrors.

I had spaghetti with eggplant and meat sauce and drank Earl Grey tea. I really enjoyed it.

Then we walked around a little bit more. Those polar bears were sad but cute.

Last we went to Harajuku so that I could buy a late Christmas present for my dad. I had gotten him one before but I either left it at my hotel or accidentally threw it away. Luckily I was able to find the same thing again.

We didn't spend very long in Harajuku. It was very crowded so Jonathan wasn't enjoying it, plus it was time to leave anyway. So then we went to the hotel to pick up our luggage. We got dinner from the nearby 7-Eleven and ate it on the shuttle bus to Shinagawa Station.

I was sad to leave Tokyo. It had been such an amazing trip! I got engaged! Helicopter ride! Disney! Bigbang! Onsen! So much fun!


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