Friday, June 26, 2015

Final Tokyo Trip Part 7: Sayonara Japan

Our last morning in Tokyo was spent dragging our luggage from our hotel to Tokyo Station to leave it in lockers. That was kind of awful because the station near our hotel didn't have escalators or elevators. Bleh.

We left some of our luggage at the hotel to pick up later. I had tried to use takyubin service to send some of our luggage to the airport but you had to do it three days in advance. Online it had said three days in certain areas but I didn't think Tokyo would have that time limit.

Then we went to Shibuya. I wanted to spend my last day in Shibuya because it's awesome. :)

It was such a pretty, sunny day! It's great that we had nice weather our last day, but it also made it harder to leave.

I was excited to see Bigbang ads!

We went to Starbucks and were lucky to get seats overlooking the crosswalk. I had a dark chocolate chip Frappuccino. I wish they had that one in the US. There's a chocolate chip one that's good, but not quite as good.

After Starbucks we ate lunch at Ichiran Ramen, which has my second favorite ramen. My very favorite is the golden miso ramen at Arashi Kagetsu, which I usually got at a mall food court, lol.

After lunch I saw a display of Yotsuba and Danboard outside of a department store. So cute!

I went in and found the Yotsuba merchandise and bought a folder. They also had a temporary cafe. At first I was sad that I wouldn't be able to eat there, but when I saw a picture of the food it didn't look that great.

We spent some time in Loft and I stocked up on stickers to use for resin crafting.

We passed by Its'demo and I wanted to look more at the Little Twin Stars merchandise, but we were running out of time. :(

We went by the Lindt store because I had wanted a sakura macaron from there. But we were kind of rushed at that point and I didn't want to not be able to enjoy it, so I didn't get it. :( We had to go back to our hotel, get the rest of our luggage, and then go to Tokyo station to get the rest of our stuff out of lockers and then head to the airport.

Even though our flight wasn't until around 6:30 that evening we were still rushed that day. I wish we had gone to Shibuya earlier on in the trip so that I could have done some more there, like go to 109, its'demo, and eat a macaron.

At Tokyo Station we had a lot of luggage and it was a pain just to take it the short distance from the lockers down to the train platform. I had two big suitcases, a small carry-on suitcase, and a backpack. Everything was heavy. The big suitcases were at their max (about 50 pounds each) and even the small one was heavy because I had filled it with books.

Once we were on the Narita Express I was able to relax a bit. I was sad, but I was also relieved to not have to deal with my luggage much more.

At the airport we were able to check in quickly. I think it was the first time I haven't had to stand in a long line there. I don't remember too much about the airport except that I bought some Cheeza crackers. We got to the gate as they started boarding so we didn't have to wait long.

The flight wasn't bad even though the in-flight entertainment wasn't good. The screens were old (mine was very fuzzy at times and I think didn't have sound) and there were only a few movies to choose from. I didn't watch anything, but Jonathan and I did play a Connect Four sort of game a bit. What was awesome though is that I actually slept for a little while! Maybe even over an hour!

As we flew over the western part of the US I got to see some desert areas which was cool.

I miss Japan a lot but it's nice to be back in the US too. I'll do a post later more about that.

And now for some randomness. Here are some purikura pictures from our last days in Tokyo, haha.

Captain Picard loves purikura!

Let's enjoy! :)


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    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing this blog. :)


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