Saturday, October 11, 2014

September Randomness: Sailor Moon Toys, Tasty Food, and a Rainbow

I was planning on going to Tokyo this weekend, but I canceled those plans because a typhoon is coming. It looks like now it won't be much by the time it reaches Tokyo, but oh well. A lot of rain had been in the forecast and it didn't look like it would be a nice weekend at all. Though I think it was clear yesterday and I just checked today's forecast and it's clear again there today. It's ok though because I will just go in a few weeks instead.

I saw a new series of Sailor Moon gachaphon toys when I was at Seiyu.

I love them in their regular outfits! There were only two left in the machine and I got them both. These were probably my second and third choice (because I didn't have Sailor Mars yet and Sailor Moon is holding Luna!) but my first choice was Sailor Mars in her shrine maiden outfit. I don't have anything of her yet either.

I finally made this puzzle. It was a bit harder than it looked, but that was a good thing because then I didn't finish it too quickly. So cute! Now I'm almost all caught up on making the puzzles I've gotten here. I just have one small Frozen puzzle left now.

Yeah... I took a picture of my dish soap. But it's so pretty! They just updated the packaging and I really like it.

Mango fanta was really really good. It doesn't beat melon or peach, but it's probably my third favorite.

I was very surprised to see Mountain Dew at a local supermarket. I've seen Mountain Dew in Japan before, but only in a couple vending machines in Tokyo. This kind was called Max Air, which may have not had quite as strong of a flavor, but I'm not sure. It's been a while since I've had American Mountain Dew.

I shared the Mountain Dew with Jonathan even though he was already drinking green tea. Mountain Dew and green tea... quite a contrast, haha.

Coolish is a common thing here, I even saw it within the first few days of being in Japan back in 2010. It's squeezable ice cream in a pouch. It's weird. So why did it take me so long to try it??? This Belgian chocolate one was really good! Though that's just a limited flavor. Usually I just see vanilla, but I know I have seen other chocolate ones before.

This maple cookie Crunky ice cream bar was so so so soooo good! I got it at Lawson. I looked for it again the next time I went but they didn't have it anymore. :(

 I got that cake from a teacher at school. It didn't look that special, but it was actually really good. "Now, let us spend delicious days together with Jiichiro!" Haha.

This is one of the best donuts I've had from Mister Donut. It was a chocolate Pon Ring cut in two layers with chocolate orange pudding between them. Then part of it was dipped in chocolate. 

I bought those gummies back in the summer and then kind of forgot about them until last month. They were really good. 

Hello Kitty Frosted Flakes!!! The strawberry bits weren't horrible, but they didn't really go that well with the Frosted Flakes. So I ate them first and then the rest was just like typical Frosted Flakes, which I like.

Satsuma imo (Japanese sweet potato) is a popular food in the fall so there are many satsuma imo flavored snacks. Japanese sweet potatoes taste kind of somewhere in between regular potatoes and American sweet potatoes. I really like them! The snacks above (Ottotto) were good, but I still like the consomme flavor the best.

I also tried some satsuma imo Jagariko (crunchy potato sticks). They did taste a lot like satsuma imo, but I wasn't really in the mood for them when I ate them, so I didn't think they were that great.

I also had some avocado cheese flavored Jagariko, which I really liked.

When I went back to America I took back a bunch of snack foods as souvenirs. I bought these with that intention, but they never made it into my luggage. They're green tea flavored Pretz with Ieyasu-kun (Hamamatsu's ugly mascot) on the packaging. I bought them mostly because of the mascot. I don't like pretzels, but I tried them anyways. It turns out that they didn't taste like pretzels at all and were actually sweet. I liked them!

I finally tried the cheeseburger ramen I bought earlier in the year. Bits of hamburger in cup noodles is a bit creepy or something, but I actually liked this ramen, haha. Though my stomach kind of hurt later and I don't know if it was because of this or not.

One evening I was sitting in my apartment and saw a reflection of a rainbow on the window of the house behind my apartment. I went outside and it was a really bright, full rainbow!

It was partially a double rainbow for a while (but not a "double rainbow all the way") but my camera didn't capture that.

I walked to the mall across the street to try and get a better view of it from the top of the parking garage, but it had faded away by then. But I did see probably the best sunset I've ever seen in Japan.

It wasn't really as intensely orange as that picture shows, but it was very bright. It was prettier in real life because the sky was actually still a bright blue in areas so the orange and blue really contrasted. I tried several settings on my camera and none of them worked.

I found a naan bread mix at the grocery store. All I had to do was add water, knead the dough a bit, stretch it out into pieces, and then bake it in the toaster oven. It worked surprisingly well, but it was bland. I ate it with curry, but it was better sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for dessert.

My junior high school had its sports day in September. I wish I could do a blog post about it, but I'm not supposed to put pictures of students online. But here's a picture of the bento I ate that day. I ate a little bit of everything except for the octopus. Most of the food was ok, but I don't like sashimi. My favorite parts were the rice, meatballs, and carrots.

Jonathan and I got some tiny bananas at Lawson. So cute! They were really good bananas!

This picture is actually from early August when Jonathan and I went to Shirahama Beach in Shimoda. I took a few pics with my cell phone that day and forgot to include them in my blog post. The Cheeza crackers were mixed cheese and margherita pizza flavored. They were really good because Cheeza crackers are awesome, but I think the cheddar and camembert ones are better. I also had a tasty potato salad sandwich and sparkling mango pineapple juice which wasn't nearly as good as I had expected.

While we were on the bus from the beach to the train station, we passed by an abandoned hotel. It looked creepy and awesome. My horrible cell phone picture doesn't really show much detail, but I could see that there was still stuff inside and plants were growing inside, too.


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