Monday, September 22, 2014

Lake Sanaru

This past Saturday Jonathan and I biked to Lake Sanaru in Hamamatsu. We drove there in early summer last year, but this was my first time to bike there. The beginning of the bike ride wasn't very pleasant because the road was busy and at some times the sidewalk wasn't wide enough so we had to ride on the street. But towards the end we went through a short, but nice, pedestrian/bike only area that used to be an old train line.

After about an hour and a half of biking we reached the lake. We parked our bikes and walked around the lake. We discovered that the path goes around the entire lake. It's a 6 kilometer walk.

I've seen these flowers, called higanbana, all over the place recently. They're bright and pretty!

 I think those are supposed to be otters.

The path ended briefly at one point and went onto regular streets. We stopped at a konbini for some snacks. I really wanted nikuman (pork bun), but they didn't have any. So instead I got grilled onigiri and a super cute panda chocolate.

The package said that it was chestnut flavored, but it tasted like coffee to me. Super tasty! I want some more!

Higanbana can also be white, but I haven't seen very many of them.

I saw a woman walking her cat on a leash! So funny, but cute! :) I would totally take a cat for a walk if I could.

Towards the end we saw a field of scarecrows made by Girl Scouts. 

They got Olaf's looks right, but it's creepy that he's wrapped up in plastic. And Korilakkuma in the background... that's just terrifying and will attack in the night or something.

Who walks like that?

We left as the sun was beginning to set. There have been some pretty sunsets lately. Usually they're not that great around here. Late summer seems to be the time for nicer sunsets and some storms.


I really don't understand the slogan of Yamada, an electronics store. For Your >> JUST. What? Usually with the weird English I see here I at least get what they're trying to say. But this... I have no idea.

Do they only hire hot people?

That evening we went to McDonald's for dinner. We both got fries, but they forgot to give them to us. We should have checked the bag before we left. :( But luckily I did have some fries in my freezer so I heated those up in the toaster oven. They were good, but not as good as McDonald's fries. But at least I had a tasty dessert! Mochi with chocolate cookie ice cream!

That bunny is soooo cute! :)

The mochi was from the grocery store, not McDonald's. I could have gotten this at McDonald's:

I have had purple sweet potato ice cream before, which was pretty good, so this probably isn't nasty. But I would still rather have chocolate ice cream mochi. :)

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