Sunday, June 8, 2014

My New Apartment

I've lived in this apartment for about two and a half months now. I've been wanting to take a video for a while and finally got around to it today.

I really like my new apartment. It's in a great location and I've decorated it with a lot of cute stuff. I like the layout better than my last apartment because I like the bed area better and the toilet isn't right across from the stove and fridge haha. Plus I really love the shelf space above the closet where I can display a bunch of my stuffed animals. Though I did have a little bit more counter space and kitchen storage in my last apartment, but I've gotten some shelves and stuff to make up for that.

Anyways... here is the video! :)


  1. I love your Rilakkuma stuff! Your kotatsu is also cool, and I'm totes' jelly (^.^)

    1. Thanks! I love my Rilakkuma stuff too but I wonder how much it will cost to mail back to America when I leave, haha.