Sunday, March 16, 2014

My birthday! Mexican Food and Frozen!

My birthday was this past Friday, which was also my last day of school. It was also the day that Frozen finally came out in Japan. As soon as I knew the release date, I knew what I would be doing on my birthday! Also, the 14th of every month is discount day at Toho Cinemas so tickets are only 1,000 yen instead of the usual 1,800. Movie tickets are super expensive in Japan!

On Friday evening we first went to the theater to buy our tickets. You buy them at a machine and can select your seat which is really nice. I wanted to make sure that we got good seats so we went a bit early. The English one didn't fill up much, but the Japanese one shown around the same time looked pretty packed.

I also stopped in the gift shop and bought the folder that I'm holding in the photo above.

Then we took the train to Hachiman Station and walked to Las Chillonas, a Mexican restaurant that I had heard about from other ALTs. It's very small and is kind of like being in someone's house (and I think it pretty much is) but it wasn't creepy because there were other people there. In fact, we ran into several other ALTs that we knew!

Jonathan and I both got chicken chimichangas which were delicious and under 700 yen. It's a great place and I will definitely go back. The only thing I didn't like was that it was pretty slow since there's not much staff and I was afraid we might be late to the movie. But now that I know that I can just go when I don't have to rush. The food is worth the wait!

We were a few minutes late getting into the theater but only missed a little bit of the first preview I think, so it didn't matter.

I LOVED the movie! The animation was very pretty and the music was great. I haven't seen a Disney movie that I've liked that much in a while. Well, I really really like Tangled as well, but the music in it isn't great. We watched Frozen in English, but now I want to see it in Japanese as well. It's called Ana to Yuki no Joou, Ana and the Snow Queen, in Japanese.

I painted my nails metallic blue for the movie and added some golden snowflakes. The snowflakes didn't stand out really, but they were still pretty. I added glitter to a few tips which was pretty but kind of rough so it chipped before I took this picture.

The movie ended at 11:30 so we rushed to the station to make the last train. So also because of that we didn't have cake that night and also celebrated my birthday the next day. And here's an interesting fact I learned recently (when Jonthan and I went to see Catching Fire back on New Year's Day): Kids here can't go to a movie that ends after 11 pm.

So on Saturday we went to Chateraise, a nearby bakery to get some cake. We saw an ice cream "cake" (ice cream shaped like a cake, but no actual cake) and got that because we were both more in the mood for ice cream anyways. Then we went to Max Valu to get something for dinner and ended up getting a pizza from the bakery section. It had ham, corn, and asparagus. It was good, though the cheese was a bit soft and not stringy like it should be on pizza. Green tabasco sauce made it awesome anyways.

Jonathan got me a few items with the cat from Sumikko Gurashi, a fairly recent set of characters by San-X, the same company that makes Rilakkuma.

So cute! :)

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