Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Walk in the Forest Park

Two weekends ago Jonathan and I visited the area near the apartment I'm moving to later this month. There's a mall really close! So we spent some time there and saw an Indian restaurant we wanted to eat at. But we weren't quite hungry enough yet and we had already spent quite a while at the mall so we drove around a bit. Jonathan was pretty sure the forest park was close so we headed in that direction. It was really close! It was maybe about 10 or 15 minutes away.

We walked around a bit, but it was getting dark so we didn't get to stay long. So we decided to go back the next weekend (last weekend).

Before heading to the park, we got some lunch from Lawson. I had some noodles with vegetables, peach juice, corn soup flavored puff things, and chocolate banana cookies. 

Pop your time? I have no idea what that even means. They weren't very good, but not bad either. I didn't finish them then, but I ate the rest later after walking around the forest park.

As we drove towards the park we had a nice view of the snowy mountains.

The weather was nice. I had my coat, but I ended up carrying it most of the time.

So many pretty ferns! :)

There were a lot of bridges, but this neat one was blocked off for some reason. Can you see Jonathan in that picture? Haha.

There were a few plum trees blooming.

I thought maybe this was a bench meant for sleeping, but I think maybe it's some sort of exercise thing because I just noticed that the thing in the background is a balance beam. But I don't really know.

After our walk in the forest park, we went to Jonathan's apartment and we biked to McDonald's for dinner. They've had an "American Vintage" thing going on lately. Then the theme was 80's.

This sign doesn't really look very 80's to me. I wanted to take a picture inside but there were too many people. A lot of the signs were like this one, but they did have a couple of Coke ads that looked 80's.

Jonathan got the American Funky BBQ sandwich, which he said was delicious. I got Shake Shake chicken though. They've recently changed it back to white meat like it was when I lived in Japan before. I had missed it! So I've gotten it a few times lately.

At first I didn't want to move to Hamamatsu, but once I found out about my apartment I got excited. It's in a great location! It's next to a mall, close to the forest park, and near a small stream with a path along it which should be good for running. I'm not really looking forward to moving my stuff, but it shouldn't be too bad.


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