Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Even More Random Food

I have so many random posts and I can't ever think of what to call them, haha. I have quite a few photos from July up until now. I'm splitting them into two posts. This one will have all the food photos and the next post will be everything else.

The picture above is of the candy I bought at Candy Show Time in Tokyo.

Star Wars Pocky! There was also Darth Vader packaging but the flavors were the same. The pink was strawberry, the green was green tea, and I'm not sure what the purple was.

A teacher at school gave me these green tea chocolates. I thought the pattern was neat.

These chocolates were filled with lemon ginger, sweet pineapple, pineapple mix, and mango passion fruit creams. They were pretty good, but I wasn't amazed. 

Mister Donut had banana flavored donuts for a little while. Well, at least the icing was banana flavored. They were soooo tasty! The banana shaped one was Jonathan's.

That's a coffee jelly (like coffee flavored Jell-o) parfait I got at the grocery store. Mmmm! 

The night of my last day of school I studied for the driving test. I had Snickers and a peach soda. It turns out that I wasted my time studying for the test. The written test was ridiculously easy. At least I had tasty snacks!

The next day I passed the written test but failed the driving test. I went shopping in Hamamatsu afterwards. I got glittery pens, glittery nail polish, and yummy Smurfs candy! :)

Fruit ninja!

This Mt. Fuji bread came from the grocery store. I expected it to be sweet, but it wasn't except for the chocolate chips. It wasn't bad, but it didn't seem dessert-ish enough.

This variety pack had chocolate mint Aero, Cookies and Cream Kit Kat, and Caramel Nestle Crunch bars. The Aero bars were my favorite. I was thinking recently that I haven't seen as many interesting Kit Kats this time, but I just saw bags of Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kats at the grocery this afternoon. I don't want to buy a whole bag but hopefully I'll find some single bars at the konbini or something.

Gourmet Doritos? Lol. These were Pepper Salami flavored. They were good, but not a flavor I would buy again.

The Smoked Bacon Doritos sounded awesome, but they were actually terrible. Well, not so bad that I couldn't eat them, but they tasted like bacon bits.

I couldn't get cranberry juice in Toi so I'm glad to find it here! 

 Yes! It's was wonderful out of a rectangular bottle! It just wouldn't have been as good otherwise!

Ahhhh! Kaldi (a small import grocery store in the mall) had Inca Kola! It's a soft drink popular in Peru. We were both very excited and it was delicious as always! A few weeks ago I bought the last one on the shelf and I haven't seen it again since.

I wasn't sure what to expect with caramel flavored potato chips, but they were really good. I will probably buy these again if I see them again. 

These mango chocolates were really good. They had a little bit of crispy stuff inside them. 

Despite the hideous character on the bottle, Pear Fanta was good. 

Someone on Facebook posted an awesome recipe and I tried it. I mixed one pack of pancake mix with an egg and juice from a can of mixed tropical fruit. I put the mixed fruit in the bottom of the rice cooker and poured the batter over it. I then cooked it in the rice cooker. It was so tasty and it was super easy! I will try this with different types of canned fruit. I think peaches would be good.

Tully's has an espresso shake and it's amazing. 

Breakfast varies at Toyoko Inn, but this is pretty typical. Potato salad for breakfast is awesome. I always miss the breakfast after vacation is over.

Such cute tea packaging! 

Mmm! This kiwi soda was yummy! :)


  1. You're a LOT more adventurous than I'll ever be! Thanks for sharing for those less adventurous spirits. lol


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