Friday, September 20, 2013

Random Stuff - Cute Stuffed Animals, Hello Kitty Pasta, and More

I bought a neat melon soda cell phone strap. It has bubbly stuff in there that floats around and makes it look like soda!

These tissue packs are so cute. I have a cute tissue pack cover, but I didn't use it with these. :)

I bought some stuffed animals at Nandemo Kaimasu, another used store in Iwata. I got all of these for about 500 yen I think. The big Tofu is my favorite! The Pikachu on the left is kind of weird looking (I only got that one because it was packaged together with the other Pokemon) but it turns inside out and zips up into a Pokeball, so it's actually pretty neat. That Pikachu and the two Nyanpire plushies are in my car now.

I got these other stuffed animals for my car a while back at Pick Up. A lot of people have stuffed animals in their cars here. So cute! The one on the right is tofu and I think the one on the left is maybe supposed to be pudding.

This alpaca is soooooo cute! It had blushed cheeks, but those mostly faded away.

The bags came from Seria. I had Hello Kitty ones before I bought these.

I painted my nails before climbing Mt. Fuji. They were supposed to look like the snowy top of Mt. Fuji (except it doesn't look that way in the summer) but they didn't really turn out exactly how I imagined. I still really liked them, but they were more just pretty snowy winteryness.

I drank that Pocari Sweat on Mt. Fuji. The change in air pressure did this.

I think I saw this train in Hiroshima. I didn't ride it, but I was amused by the decorations on the front.

Sometimes when I stay at Toyoko Inn I get random free stuff and I usually don't know what it is. I've gotten this stuff several times. "I can't join the party due to ugly body." What? Lol.

I couldn't remember if I had posted this random glue stick or not on here. There's nothing wrong with this English, but it's just random.

This is on the side of a vending machine near my apartment. Haha.

During the summer, there were a bunch of lotus growing not too far from Jonathan's apartment.

I saw this really awesome bag at the mall, but it's HUGE and I don't know what I would ever use it for. I wished they had a smaller one that I could use for groceries. Then, last time I was there they did have one in the size I wanted, but it was actually more expensive. The big one is like 1200 and the smaller one is 1300. It's more expensive because it has extra pockets and stuff.

So cute! The name of these cat treats are so funny and adorable.

One afternoon the clouds were sooooo super fluffy and pretty!

This is the Ichino Aeon mall in Hamamatsu. It doesn't look that special from the outside, but it's amazing. It's the best mall I've ever been to! It has a bunch of super cute clothing stores, including Axes Femme (my favorite!), a Seria 100 yen shop, a pet store with cute kittens and puppies, a Sanrio store, a couple stores just filled with tons of cute character merchandise, a bookstore, a small import grocery store, a Uniqlo, some good shoe stores, an arcade, a hobby store with puzzles, and a lot more! The Aeon store is a big department store that sells a ton of stuff including groceries. They have Nutella! :) Oh and in addition to the grocery store, there is a ton of food in the mall. Delicious ramen, Mister Donut, Subway, crepes, and soooooo much more. I saw a place there that sells these apple ring pastry things that look really good. Oh and Starbucks has some sort of almond frappuccino right now that I really want to try.

I found a really tiny can of Coke in the Aeon grocery store!

I bought some really cute Hello Kitty pasta there and made soup. Yum! I just boiled the pasta in water with chicken consomme cubes and added vegetables, red pepper, and garlic.

I bought a chocolate madeleine mix at Seria. They were pretty good, but a little bland, but I expected that with a 100 yen mix. Frosting them with Nutella and adding sprinkles made them delicious though. :) The mix worked very well in my toaster oven.

We had a typhoon last weekend. I got up in the night and it was pretty windy, but nothing too crazy. It sounded like it was raining hard, but when I looked outside it was just the wind making it sound that way. It rained a lot in other areas though and caused flooding.

The typhoon also brought some cooler weather. The other night I got a little cold as I walked to the konbini, but I was in short sleeves and I get cold super easily so it wasn't really that cold. But it feels like summer is ending and fall is beginning.

I have a few fun things planned for fall. In a couple weeks I'm going to a Backstreet Boys concert! Hehe! In late November Jonathan and I are running a 10k in Iwata. I've never done anything over a 5k so it should be interesting. I did 8k the other day with a bit of walking and it wasn't too bad.

I also signed up to take the JLPT in December. I'm going to take the N4 level. There are five levels. 1 is the hardest and 5 is the easiest. I looked over some practice tests the other day and I did ok. I still need to study a bit, but I think I have a chance of passing.

I have a three day weekend now but I don't have anything special planned. I'll probably end up at the mall at some point. If the weather is nice maybe I'll go for a bike ride.

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