Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fukuroi Enshu Fireworks


Last Saturday (August 10th) I went to the Fukuroi Enshu Fireworks festival. Fukuroi is a town to the east of Iwata and it's only a five minute train ride away. The fireworks show took place in a park about a half hour walk from Fukuroi station.

I had read online that it's a very popular  show and it suggested to arrive a couple of hours early. It was already pretty busy when we arrived and it got even more crowded as 7:00 approached. I didn't mind the wait though because I enjoyed walking around looking at all the food stalls. I got yakisoba, churros, and Mitsuya Cider (similar to Sprite) flavored with strawberry snow cone syrup.

A lot of girls (and some men) at the festival were dressed in yukata. I had planned on wearing mine, but I was busy packing and preparing for my trip to Osaka and Hiroshima so I didn't have time to mess with it.

The fireworks began at 7:00. Different groups put on fireworks displays set to music. Between the groups, a few fireworks were shot off one at a time. 




The fireworks went on until 9:00. Two hours long! It flew by though because the fireworks were so beautiful! It was crazy how many fireworks were set off! Jonathan and I took some videos of parts of the show and I put them together into one video. Here it is:

If you only watch a bit of the video, watch from 9:50 until the end. It's the crazy finale!

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  1. Wow...are there any in America with finales like that? O_o If not, I think the US had better get on that!