Monday, August 26, 2013

Tokyo - Odaiba Part One - Vintage Arcade


We spent Tuesday the 20th in Odaiba. I took a ton of pictures so I'm going to split this into two parts. I probably should have done that with Miyajima as well. That post had about 100 photos!

To get to Odaiba we took the Yurikamome monorail. The escalator railing in the station was decorated.

The monorail has some really neat views. The track is elevated and feels a bit like an amusement park ride. It's also automated and doesn't have a driver so when you're in the front it looks really neat.

First we got a snack at Tully's. I got an iced coffee and we shared a yummy tangerine lemon pastry.

Then we went inside Decks Tokyo Beach, which is a really neat mall. We went to the fourth floor because that's where the Trick Art Museum is, but we got distracted by all the awesomeness on that floor.

The whole floor was awesome and had neat decorations. The stores had a lot of random stuff that even Jonathan enjoyed looking at. One store had quite a few magnets that looked like the plastic food that you see in so many restaurants in Japan. Some of them looked pretty real and maybe next time I'm in Tokyo I'll go back and get one. The pancakes and macarons were especially cute.  

So many character-shaped water bottles!

There was a Lucky Box store that sold boxes for 300 yen. What's inside is a mystery. It could be something really cheap and stupid or it could be an ipod or camera or something nice. The store was decorated with a pirate theme.

We both got boxes. Jonathan ended up with some Dragonball trading card game and I got a Halloween decoration. 

It's a fun experience even if you don't get anything good. Jonathan's prize was pretty useless, but I actually will set this out in my apartment around Halloween. 

Soon we saw the vintage arcade that I had read about online. It was so much fun! I loved all the old music posters covering the walls. 

I've never heard of most of these people, but the pictures were pretty hilarious.

Morning Musume! Someone I actually recognize! And Cinderella! I would love to have some Japanese Disney posters.

The ping pong ball game was a lot of fun. If you got over 30 points a capsule prize came out. I got a hideous doughnut. Why is it black??? Jonathan got a radioactive looking panda eraser. Jonathan later won the dinosaur from a Sailor Moon game. It's supposed to grow larger in water. The prizes were horrible but funny.

I was so excited to see a Sailor Moon game! It's like pinball and you try to get three balls in a row. I didn't even come close, but Jonathan won and got the dinosaur prize.  

Lord of the Rings pinball was probably the newest game in the place. It was actually really fun!



Outside of the arcade there was a glass bottle drink vending machine!

Jonathan played some really old game for ten yen. It drops the coin into the game and you hit levers to send it through and avoid the holes. If you make it all the way through you get the coin back. Haha. Jonathan lost though.

Across from the arcade was a really awesome store selling cheap candy and all sorts of random stuff.

They had Namennayo merchandise! This cat stuff was popular in the 80s and I've never seen any merchandise anywhere so I was excited! I thought the fake driver's licenses were cute but I didn't get one. I did get a cute folder though! :)


Jonathan and I also bought some candy. Most of the candy there was really cheap. The gum was 11 yen and everything else was about 30 yen I think, though I'm not sure about the candy cigarettes. 

We still hadn't made it to the Trick Art Museum, but we were really hungry and headed up to the 5th floor and checked out the restaurants. We found an Indian restaurant called Khazana. They had a lunch buffet for a little over 900 yen. They had four types of curry, naan, rice, chicken, and salad. Oh yeah and orange Jell-O, too. It wasn't a huge selection but it was SOOOOOO good. It's definitely the best Indian food I've had in Japan. The chicken curry was really spicy. I was surprised by how spicy it was because sometimes the spice is toned down in Japan. They had lassi (yogurt based drink) though and that really helped!

The restaurant also had a nice view! Last time Jonathan and I ate at an Italian restaurant there that also had a good view. 

 We headed back to the fourth floor and I walked through the Takoyaki area. There are many takoyaki stands there. I'm not a big fan of octopus so I didn't try any. Plus I was way too stuffed anyways.

My next post will have pictures of the rest of our day in Odaiba!

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