Thursday, June 13, 2013

How I've Been Spending My Weekends

I haven't done anything super exciting lately. I finally got my first paycheck at the end of May, but it was only about half of a paycheck because I only worked half of April. So I haven't had much money to do a lot of traveling, but I'm ok with that at the moment. Last time I was in Japan I was always wanting to visit new places, but this time I'm fine with just hanging around here. Though I do still plan on doing some traveling during summer break!

The first weekend after I got my first paycheck I did some shopping at a recycle shop and got two really cute dresses and a toaster oven.

The flowery dress was about 1000 yen and the polka dot one was around 700 yen. The flowery one is from Cecil McBee, so I bet it was at least 6000 yen when it was new.

We often go to 7-11 on Saturdays. That weekend Jonathan spent over a certain amount of money there and got to draw a ticket out of a box. He won a free yogurt drink! Their tactic worked and he has bought a few of these since then.

 I got mixed fruit, pear soda, and a potato salad sandwich. Strange, but good! :)

That afternoon we rode bikes along Tenryu River, but this time on the Iwata side. The trail in Iwata is actually nicer. We didn't have the time to go too far, but we will bike more of it soon.

That evening we ate at Coco Ichibanya, a curry restaurant. Soooooooo good! It was soooo filling, too! I had vegetable curry with eggplant.

The next day I bought a plant and a tatami rug for my apartment. The carpet in my apartment is rough and I hate how it feels on my feet. This rug feels so much better!

This past weekend Jonathan and I spent a few hours at LaLa Port. Jonathan got tired of it after a while, but I could have spent all day there. I was looking for shoes, but didn't find any that I wanted (or at least any that I liked and could afford), but I did get a cute top. Oh and I also had a strawberry cheesecake Frappuccino at Starbucks! Amazing! Starbucks in Japan is so awesome. :)

Every time we go to the mall we always go to the arcade. It's hard to see the score in this picture, but it was 125 to 117. I won! Yay!!!!

We went to Jumbo Encho (like Lowe's but with some home stuff as well) and I thought the tiny little pineapples were sooooo cute! I think they were for flower arrangements.


That's just a random picture I took of 7-11 while Jonathan ran in to use the ATM.

After about two and a half months in Japan, we finally made it to karaoke! We went to Shidax, which is only about a ten minute walk from my apartment. So convenient! On the way, I took a picture of the cute balloon on top of the Shell gas station.

So even though I haven't done anything super exciting lately, I've been having a lot of fun. When I lived in Toi I had to travel to do anything fun, but that's not the case in the Iwata Hamamatsu area. It's no Tokyo of course, but there's still plenty to do! This weekend I want to go bowling! :)


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