Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Random Post of Random Randomness

I only have about two and a half weeks until Summer Vacation! :) I have some super fun things planned for the summer. My boyfriend and I are going to Universal Studios, Osaka, Miyajima, Shimoda, and Tokyo. Oh, and we're also going to climb Fuji! It will be my second time but his first. I'm looking forward to hopefully making it to the top for the sunrise this time. I was too slow last time. :P

It will be a lot of fun, but I need to save money right now so I can't really do too much this month. It will be worth it later though! :)

And now here are just a bunch of random pictures!

Chocolate chips... literally! They were good!

 Cute little chocolate mint flavored mushroom shaped candy!

 This was a microwaveable cake. I just had to add an egg and and put in the microwave. It was pretty bland though. Maybe it would be better if I mixed in some chocolate chips. The normal kind. Not the potato kind. Haha.

Kimchi Pringles! Not as good as the wasabi mayo ones, but still good!

 These were dried kumquats. They were gross and Jonathan thought so too so I threw them away. I had no idea what they would be like and just wanted to try something different.

 I couldn't resist star-shaped tater tots!

This ice cream bar was amazing! The cookie chunks in it were really big.

 I found some Fanta with retro packaging.

I feel like I need to dress up in a kimono and take dramatic pictures like this! Haha.

"Cream Soda" in Japan usually refers to a Melon Soda float with vanilla ice cream. So this Melon Cream soda was like melon soda with vanilla flavor. It really did taste like a Japanese cream soda! 

I haven't tried the Pocky yet, but those chocolate cream cake things are amazing! They're like a more chocolately better version of a Hostess Cupcake.

The sandwiches were egg salad with ham and egg salad with lettuce. The Pringles were wasabi mayo flavored. They were soooooooo good! They were just a limited thing though.

 This was a Banana Oreo McFlurry. It was only around for a super short time though. Too bad. :(

One day my boyfriend and I drove to one of my kindergartens so that I could find where it was. We saw a shrine nearby and visited it.

I don't like the way the carpet in my apartment feels on bare feet so I bought a tatami rug. 

I drive thought this tunnel under the tracks almost every day. It's really narrow and was scary at first, but I'm used to it now.

Jonathan and I have gone bowling at Round One a couple times. They have a good deal where you can bowl six games for a little over 1800 yen. 

Every once in a while they have a Strike Game where one person from each lane gets a chance to get a strike. Everyone bowls all at once and it's really fun. Jonathan and I haven't gotten it, but maybe someday we will. If you get it you get to wear a lei and they take your picture. I don't know if they print it out for you or what, but it looks like fun.

I got a frozen Melon Fanta. I paid for it through a vending machine and gave the ticket to a guy at a counter and then he brought it to our lane.

They really do love vending machines here! Even the shoes came from a vending machine!

Oh, also at the end when you pay for bowling, they give you a print out of your scores. I've always thought that would be a good idea!

There's Cream Soda that I mentioned earlier. I got that one at karaoke.

Hydrangeas are really popular here.

I recently found a cute temple a few minutes (walking) away from my apartment.


Last weekend my boyfriend and I randomly decided to go to the Nakatajima sand dunes in Hamamatsu one evening. 

It was pretty and peaceful!

There was a random Windmill in a nearby park.

I saw this super cute puzzle at a store in Hamamatsu, but I can't really buy much right now. :( Sooooooooooo cute though!

 The Backstreet Boys are coming to Hamamatsu! I can ride my bike to the arena from Jonathan's apartment! I'm totally going! I already knew about the concert, but I saw this poster at Lawson (a konbini) and got excited! Haha! :)

There are so many really good teas here. 

Yesterday Jonathan and I went to LaLaport. I got Cotton Candy ice cream at Baskin Robbins. It was so cute and pretty and yummy.

This was also at LaLaport advertising Monsters University.

A couple weeks ago Jonathan and I got ramen at a random restaurant in the food court at Ichono Mall in Hamamatsu. It was very very good! Even mall food in Japan can be super amazing. I love ramen and this was one of my favorites.

So those are my random pictures of randomness. There's not too much else going on. Well, tomorrow I have an observation at school where someone from Interac will watch one of my classes. I have a cold right now and hopefully it's better tomorrow. Overall I haven't felt very energetic this weekend, but it kind of hits me randomly. I'll feel horrible for a little while and then feel good for a while and then go back to feeling bad. Hopefully I'll have energy tomorrow!


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