Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Randomness! Food, Shopping, and More!

Well, here's one last post of random stuff. Though my Tokyo post will have plenty of randomness as well.

This was a box of Hojicha Kit Kats. Hojicha is a type of green tea that originated in Kyoto. I bought these when I was in Kyoto back in the fall. I put them in the cabinet and kind of forgot about them and didn't eat them until February. They were really good! They are one of my favorite Kit Kats. I wish I had tried them earlier so that I could have bought some more when I went back to Kyoto in December.

I saw this bush every time I walked to school or went shopping. It has a face!

The aloe grows like crazy! It's kinda ugly really, but the flowers are neat.

 Strawberry sandwiches are awesome. :) They have strawberries, cream, and pudding.

Big Bang shirts at Uniqlo

tiny pieces of chocolate

I made soup. Well, sort of. There wasn't a lot of broth. I used soba noodles, cabbage, mushrooms, onion, and shiro dashi.


bento from the grocery store

big slices of bread, peach juice, and Crisp Choco (like chocolate corn flakes melted together, yum!)

sweet puffy stuff for Hina Matsuri (doll festival)

It snowed! In Toi! In March! It was above freezing though so it didn't stick.

I bought this adorable box of tissues from 7-11.

Ugh! This photo refuses to rotate. Anways, I bought this candy from the grocery store. It looked similar to candy I bought in Kyoto, which wasn't awesome but wasn't bad. This was so cute so I couldn't pass it up. Unfortunately, a lot of it was actually gross. Some of them were just normal gummy stuff which was okay, but others were weird and mushy. 

I bought this candy in December in Kyoto. I wouldn't let my boyfriend eat any because I wanted to take a picture of it first. I kind of forgot about it for a while and didn't eat it until March, lol. It was okay. It was a little bit too sweet. I ate some of it, but I didn't finish it before I moved.

I'm really going to miss random sandwiches like this one which is pudding cream. It was good, but not as good as the cream soda one, lol.

I love seeing Fuji-san from ordinary places. This picture was taken from Mos Burger in Numazu.

I've mentioned Sun to Moon many times. That's what it looks like.

 inside of Sun to Moon

Sun to Moon has an escalator ramp. I went up it once, but it was just a day care or something up there.

view of Fuji-san from Sun to Moon

I pass by this sign when I go to Sun to Moon. I wonder if they really meant to put "flesh" or if they meant to put "fresh." It kind of works both ways. :P

cranberry and cream cheese doughnut from Mr. Donut

Taiyaki shaped candy

 Soba boro cookies are made from buckwheat flour (like soba noodles). Yum. :)

Strawberry bread! It was slightly pink! :)

random chips (white, black, and red pepper flavored) with a cute character on the package

 Hello Kitty apple tea :)

squares of chocolate with mango cream

ice cream cone candy, orange Fanta hi-chew (like Starbursts), and 
harusame (made from potato or bean starch) cup noodles

I bought a lot of stickers for my scrapbook.

I really wanted some pineapple juice but my grocery didn't have any right then, but I found guava juice, which made me very happy. :)

I shipped many boxes of stuff home. Many of them looked like this. The awesome tape is from a 100 yen store. The English on it is pretty horrible, lol.

"Celebrate that you birth with my whole heart."
"I celabrate you birth."
"Today is happy day."
"Happy birthday. Really!"

I hope you enjoyed this super random post!

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  1. ROTFL at the tape! I want a pudding sandwich now. It's funny; I've never been to Japan but your posts make me sad and nostalgic, like I'm saying goodbye to Japan too!