Monday, April 4, 2011

My Last Weekend in Toi

I'm back in America now, but I have some catching up to do. In the next few days I plan to do several posts about my last weeks in Japan.

I had planned on going to Tokyo on the 12th and 13th of March, but I ended not going because of the earthquake. I thought about going somewhere else, but there wasn't much time to plan so I decided to stay in Toi. I wanted to explore the town one last time. Plus, I had quite a bit of packing left.

On Sunday I started out by going to Toi Shrine.

That's a random store near Toi Shrine (I never went in the store though).

Toi Shrine

One of the 3rd grade junior high students walked by and saw me taking pictures of the shrine. So he asked me, "Shall I take your picture?" and took a picture of me by a large tree. Then I wandered down the street towards Anrakuji Temple.

I found a small park I hadn't seen before. There wasn't much there though.

Anrakuji's entrance gate

garden in front of Anrakuji

Near the entrance of the temple are stairs going up a hill. They lead to a cemetery. This was my second time visiting the cemetery. I loved it just as much as the first time. It's my favorite place in Toi. Maybe that's weird, but I really love how Japanese cemeteries look. Plus this cemetery has great views overlooking the town.

I walked up the hill through the cemetery and down the other side to Seiunji Temple.

But before I got to Seiunji, I passed this building:

Now here are a few pictures from Seiunji.

The entrance for Seiunji is between the city office and the elementary school.

Then I just walked around some random streets for a while.

I took this picture, and the next one, between a space in a bamboo fence. I think this is part of a ryokan.

Sakura! :)

trash shed painted with a ferry ad

"We know that there is a moment only a piece of cigarette make our life rich and joyful." Huh?

After wandering random streets and alleys for a while, I eventually got to the shore and walked along the road to the Travelers' Point one last time.

Then I walked back towards town and walked along the beach to 7-11.

I bought many of my favorite things at 7-11. :)

I ended up being glad that I had stayed in Toi. It was a great day for walking around and taking pictures. It was sunny and warm enough to not need a coat. I wont miss Toi a whole lot because it was so small and there wasn't much to do, but I'll miss days like that. Just wandering around a town like that in America isn't nearly as interesting to me.

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